Why you can’t start your job search by updating your resume

Career Clarity: Getting Clear & Plotting the Course for Where You’re Headed Next

So many job seekers think their resume was the first step in preparing for a new job search – but – they don’t quite know what they wanted to do next.

An effective resume **has to be targeted** to a specific job goal.

So – if you don’t know what type of work you want to do now, it’s not effective (in time, energy or money) to (pay someone to) work on your resume.

Knowing what you want – and don’t want – and having a guide and strategy to get there is KEY to a successful job search journey!

Dawn has been on my mailing list for quite some time – 7 years, actually! She told me “When I found you, I knew I’d want to work with you when the time was right to make a change.” (me: Flattered! And thrilled for the opportunity now that it was time!)

She started with the Career Clarity Guide – then recommended her husband do the program, too! (And he is!)

(Have I mentioned lately how awesome my clients are??)

What’s the Career Clarity Guide, you ask?

It’s a 70+ page downloadable pdf with Four “Road Maps” guide you with ideas, resources, and “excavation” exercises to inspire your discoveries as you chart your new course for a career change! 

Get clear on what you like, what you want, and how to plan your path to a satisfying new job!

Outline of the 4 sections:

Map 1:  Pack & Purge: explore and evaluate your past positions, and what stays/goes now
Map 2:  Choose Your Transfer Tickets: how to use existing skills in a new way (or in a new job)
Map 3:  Write Your Own Itinerary: get clear on your ideal job journey “trip”
Map 4:  Chart Your Quest: plan your new job search journey via your resume, cover letter, and interview answers”
and … look for your Souvenirs/Extras as you go!


Once you know where you’re headed next in  your job search, THEN it’s time to make sure your resume is written to market your background, skills, ACCOMPLISHMENTS and unique traits to sell you for those positions!


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