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Career Compass Services & Support: 



Distinguish yourself from your competition!

It’s all about YOU and your unique skills, background, and goals.  


Career Questers Guides:

Confused on which career path is best to take now?  Gain clarity and write your new itinerary!

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: You know you want a better job, but you don’t know exactly WHAT that would look like – yet; you just know you DON’T want to 1) stay where you are anymore and 2) keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing, exactly (though maybe some of it could be similar ….)

Once you are clear on your new career direction, the next step is to rework your resume to sell yourself for it. This guides shows you how! 

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: You are a career changer that is puzzled about how to re-target your resume 

Reinvent Your Resume Career Changers Guide:


Career Clarity Quest Guide

Chart your course for a career change! Get clear on what you like, what you want, and how to plan your path to a satisfying new job!

Four “Road Maps” guide you with ideas, resources, and exercises including:

Map 1:  Pack & Purge: explore and evaluate your past positions, and what stays/goes now
Map 2:  Choose Your Transfer Tickets: how to use existing skills in a new way (or in a new job)
Map 3:  Write Your Own Itinerary: get clear on your ideal job journey “trip”
Map 4:  Chart Your Quest: plan your new job search journey via your resume, cover letter, and interview answers”
and … look for your Souvenirs/Extras as you go! 

Investment:  $10/guide only; $25 guide + 2 email consults or $50 + 4 email consults with me along the way
Timeframe:  your choice – Get all Maps at once, or, one Map every Friday for a month (all consults must be completed with in 30 days – I do this to keep you focused!)


Reinvent Your Resume Guide

Put the pieces of your puzzle together – I’ll show career changers how to rewrite and rearrange your resume to be focused on where you’re going NOW, not just where you’ve been.

  • Skills Focus: what to emphasis, or de-emphasis from your past to sell yourself for your new career
  • Strategic Format: they layout of your resume helps, or hinders, your clarity
  • Establish Your New Expertise – rebrand yourself!
  • Many real client resume examples to illustrate how it’s all been done successfully!
Investment:  $10/guide only; $25 guide + 2 email consults or $50 + 4 email consults with me along the way
Timeframe:  all consults must be completed within 30 days (I do this to keep you focused!)


Resume Review, Editing, & Rewriting

Resume make-overs, made simple!

Option #1: Resume Review & Editing – THIS IS FOR YOU IF:  your resume is “OK”…. but…. you KNOW it can be better! (but you sure can’t figure out how to do it on your own!) If you don’t need a major over haul, this process is perfect combo of benefiting from my expertise without having to make a big investment in time or money!

Option #2: Branded Resume Rewrites – THIS IS FOR YOU IF:  you just don’t want to do the heavy lifting yourself; you’d rather be interviewed by me and have me to a more in depth rework for you (though we’ll work as a team – I can’t do it without your input!) This is more of a time and financial commitment on your part than Option #1.

Not sure which is best for you? Download the 20 page guide, “Do I Actually NEED a Resume Writer?” here

Resume Review & Editing service uses my 15+ years of doing in-depth full service rewrites and condenses that expertise to make the process fast, simple, and within anyone’s budget.
Until about a year ago, I used to ONLY offer ‘full service resume rewrites with various packages of 1-1, full service options. The process took 2 weeks minimum, often a month or longer…..
Here’s what I’ve learned:  while SOME people NEED and WANT that in-depth full on rewriting and coaching services, many don’t need it, or simply can’t afford it in terms of time and/or money. (not sure what you need? I have a solution for that – download my FREE “Do I Actually NEED a Resume Writer?” 20 page guide!)
SO — I decided to add this option so that MORE people could afford to benefit from my 15+ years of expertise in a way that better fits more clients’ timeframes and budgets!
Here’s how it works & what is included:
1)  You send me your current best draft resume
2)  I write you an in depth, personalized review/critique your resume including: 
–the employer’s point of view;
–if I would read your resume if I was a hiring manager (or not – and why);
–format input and changes for polish and visual impact; pointers on strategy;
–the strengths of your current document and
–with specific, individualized questions about your content/background to help you discover important details you may be missing!
3) I also send you a lightly edited version of the original resume, which incorporates some of the comments/suggestions from the Review.  Note:  some of the suggestions from the Review would be up to you to make the changes yourself (for example on possible accomplishments you may have omitted that I can’t simply add myself)
4) Reference materials to help you make further edits
5) Option for a Follow Up Review/Edit after you make the suggested improvements and changes to the Edited Resume I sent you. This would likely be the final input and polish to your new resume, though you may purchase as many Follow Ups as you may want!
What this service is NOT/what it’s not so good for:
— It’s not a full service, in-depth rewrite
— It’s not a coaching or Q & A service
— It’s not great if you need a major overhaul to a messy resume, a very very outdated resume or resume more than 2-3 pages
— It’s not meant to help you ‘rebrand’ completely into a new career or field of focus using your transferable skills
–(NOTE:  please do ask me, though, if you need a more in-depth, total overhaul type rewrite. I’ll be doing a very limited amount of these, and, working with a contractor to work with and write for those clients)
Investment:  $50-100 initial Resume Review & Edit  (I will quote you based on your draft resume it isn’t “as is” current form); Follow Up Reviews/Edit $25.
Timeframe:  48 business hour turnaround
Branded Resume Rewrite service

Your ticket to your chosen work destination is a personalized, targeted resume!

  • Identify & incorporate your three top skills into your personal career ‘brand’.
  • Selected key words will communicate these & the impact of facts & figures create a resume that sells you for the work you want NOW.
  • Unique design using the best format and layout (chronological, functional, or hybrid variety) to showcase your key skills and accomplishments, and unique work history to market you strategically for your current job goals.

This service is NOT just a generic overview of your past job descriptions which some resume writing websites do. This process and the final document is custom tailored to you, your background, and current career goals.

Investment: please email me your current resume and information about where you are headed next, and I’ll send you my Information Sheet

Timeframe: minimum is usually 2 weeks, maximum 2 months to keep you focused

Career Compass E-How-To Guides: 


THIS IS FOR YOU IF: you like to learn, and  to “DIY” things but could use some expert input you can trust! You don’t want or need an all encompassing, everything under the sun job search course; you just want to pick and choose the topics most relevant to YOU.

Downloadable electronic “Quick Guides” coming soon for: 

–Proving YOU in the Interview;

–How to Write Clear & Concise Content & Accomplishment Statements;

–Summary of Super Summary Sections;

–Writing Attention Catching Cover Letters and more….

STAY TUNED!  (let me know if you have an immediate interest in any of these – you could motivate me to develop it for you at a ‘Beta Test’ price!)

Job Search Support – Q & A: 

Quick & easy SUPPORT to answer those pesky, confusing, anxiety provoking interview or job search related questions!

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: you don’t want to invest $80-100 for an hour coaching call, but you have a few questions you’d LOVE some EXPERT input about!

 Hire your own personal resume writing and interview skills coach for 1, 3, or 5 questions at a time, rather than the standard $80-100+/hour coaching call!

Perfect for that nagging question you just wish you could ask an expert even though overall, you feel confident about the rest of your (resume, interview savvy, etc.) on your own.

A few examples:
Q – How do I address a job gap on my resume?
Q – How can I include unpaid work/gigs on my resume (like stuff I did for family & friends that is relevant to the work I want to do)?
Q – I never know what to say to the “What is your greatest weakness?” question – help! What should I say?? (or, fill in the blank with the question(s) that trip YOU up – every time!)

Or ANY question YOU may have on these topics!

Questions and answers will all asked and answered in email, only.

TIPS:  be concise in your question, without leaving out vital information that might influence my best answer for YOU; it helps to send your resume with your question most of the time. Ideally, each question is limited to about 3 lines max.

Investment:  1 Q & A: $10; 3 Q & A at a time: $25; 5 Q & A:  $35

Timeframe: I aim for 24 hour (same day when possible!)replies, but, depending on timing/schedules, may take up to 48 hours (excluding Sat/Sun)

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I’ve read this & it’s GOOD, people! Alison already wrote it, so I don’t have do! (true confession: this is an affiliate link – I get a little bit if you buy from here, but it doesn’t cost you any more!)

I only recommend things I have read/tried and know are QUALITY offers!

From Ask a Manager about this book:  “If you’ve ever wished that you could look into the brain of a hiring manager to find out what you need to do to get hired, How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager is for you.

Written from my perspective as a long-time hiring manager, this e-book gives you step-by-step guidance through every stage of your job search … explaining at each step what a hiring manager is thinking and what they want to see from you …”

Click here to view more details

I’m Ready!  Let’s Get Started!

Email me all of the following for the fastest service!  


  • Some information about the work you are seeking now – why are you looking for that work?  What do you want in your next job that you don’t currently have, and why?
  • If that’s different than your current job(s), tell me why you are changing gears
  • Attach your current resume (even if it’s not updated) so I can see our starting point
  • Anything else you’d like me to know!


Thanks much!  

I look forward to hearing from you & helping YOU reclaim your job search mojo!

You can also call:  727-537-0672 and leave a message, including your email (hint: email really is the best way to contact me 🙂 )

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