Job Search Journey SERVICES

Career Compass E-Classes & Services: 

Career Clarity Guide:  Not sure where you want to go?  If this sounds like you:

I’m not sure what I want to do now, but I DO know, I need to get out of this job, it’s killing me, I’m so unhappy here!”

—> then the Career Clarity Guide is your road map

Career Compass E-Classes:  Know your destination?  Ready to go from prospect to employee?

—> Your ticket is one of the Self-Directed downloadable E-Classes: 

Distinguish yourself from your competition!

It’s all about YOU and your unique skills, background, and goals.  


→ Career Clarity Quest Guide


→ Job Search Support for SUCCESS *Private* Facebook Group


Quick Run Down/How it Works


We work as a TEAM to get you ready for the shortest, least stressful job search possible and help you resume & reclaim that confidence of yours NOW.


I like to say, “regain your job search mojo”!

You can choose several paths:  

buy single services, or,

(recommended) invest in more thorough support

with different combinations

of services in Packages:

Complete Job Search Journey Package: 

Includes the most services, and phone consults with me. Think of this as the Full Service Tour – let me travel beside you, and be your personal job search sherpa!

THIS IS FOR YOU IF:  you want to talk, not type; you want the most personal, 1-1 attention, and all the KEY job search guidance with me, your Coach/Guide!


Basic Job Search Essentials Package:

Provides the freedom & convenience of using written references sheets as your guide and communicating by email only – plus you still get personalized resume writing, and extra resources to access whenever you choose!

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: you prefer to work on your part of the project on your own time (and you don’t mind writing)


Career Clarity: Questers Guide:

Confused on which career path is best to take now?  Gain clarity and write your new itinerary!

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: You know you want a better job, but you don’t know exactly WHAT that would look like – yet; you just know you DON’T want to 1) stay where you are anymore and 2) keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing, exactly (but maybe some of it could be similar ….)


Prove YOU in an Interviewing Practice & Coaching: 

Either one hour or three hour package of telephone coaching on interview skills and strategies. Step-by-step practice & input! Focus on behavioral interviewing strategies, identifying key skill sets and the most effective ways to talk about them.  Lots of practice – and invaluable feedback!

THIS IS FOR YOU IF:  the thought of interviewing makes you wanna throw up, cancel, or just stay in your really terrible job; you’ve been in the same position for MANY years & haven’t had to interview for a LONG time; you are getting interviews, but not OFFERS


PRIVATE Job Search Support for SUCCESS Facebook Group:

**ALL Packages above come with one (or more!) month(s) membership!

Anyone can join the Group though, not only package clients –

it’s also a separate service!





What’s Your ROI?

Investing in Your and Your Job Search   =  Returns NOW *and* in the Future


—  How much VALUE do you place on being able to cut your job search by even a month, or more, because you are prepared, polished and primed for success?

—  How much of your new job’s paycheck will be invested in improving your job search skills and materials that you can use in future job search, too?  1-2 days salary?  Less? 

Build a strong foundation with a professionally written resume and polished interview skills – this value goes with you for years to come!


——– You want to be employed –  help yourself get there sooner. ——–


What makes logical and financial sense in the BIG picture?  

You are investing in yourself now and in your ongoing career growth while

gaining knowledge that provides value well beyond this job search!


I’m Ready!  Let’s Get Started!

Email me all of the following for the fastest service!  


Please include in your email:


  • Some information about the work you are seeking now – why are you looking for that work?  What do you want in your next job that you don’t currently have, and why?
  • If that’s different than your current job(s), tell me why you are changing gears
  • Attach your current resume (even if it’s not updated) so I can see our starting point
  • Anything else you’d like me to know!


Thanks much!  

I look forward to hearing from you & helping YOU reclaim your job search mojo!

You can also call:  910-632-0533

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