Job Search Coach “On-Call”

Hire your own personal Interview Skills & Job Search Coach for:

1, 3, or 5 questions at a time with the “On Call” service – or –

Schedule a 1-Hour (or package of 3 Hours) of Interview and/or Job Search Coaching by phone!


“On Call” Coaching is: perfect for that nagging question you just wish you could ask an expert even though overall, you feel confident about the rest of your (resume, interview savvy, etc.) on your own.

A few examples:
Q – How do I address a job gap on my resume?
Q – How can I include unpaid work/gigs on my resume (like stuff I did for family & friends that is relevant to the work I want to do)?
Q – I never know what to say to the “What is your greatest weakness?” question – help! What should I say?? (or, fill in the blank with the question(s) that trip YOU up – every time!)

Or ANY question YOU may have on these topics!

On Call Q & A will all asked and answered in email, only.

TIPS:  be concise in your question, without leaving out vital information that might influence my best answer for YOU; it helps to send your resume with your question most of the time. Ideally, each question is limited to about 3 lines max.

Investment:  1 Q & A: $10; 3 Q & A at a time: $25; 5 Q & A:  $35

Timeframe: I aim for 24 hour (same week day when possible!)replies (excluding Sat/Sun), but, depending on timing/schedules, may take up to 48 hours.

1 Hour (or 3 Hour Package) of Interview/Job Search Coaching by phone:  MORE DETAILS: Email me for pricing and more information