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Join our SECRET/private group for job seekers!



Who can aid you in your job search better than others who are, like you,
are looking for a new job?


Most people turn to their loved ones for (or their loved ones come to them with….)

well intentioned,

but perhaps mis-guided,

or even pressure filled “help” when they are looking for a new job, coming from your

significant other,

your parent,

your roommate or even your bestie?

Let’s just be real here — we DO love them, of course we do ….. and yet I ask you ….

—->>>is it POSSIBLE our loved ones MIGHT not be the BEST source of good information on:

  • using your LinkedIn profile SAFELY in your search
  • how to follow up (ie, no, showing up in person to inquire is NOT a good idea, Dad, it does not, in fact, show your initiative …. )
  • honest, unbiased (and gentle, specific) input on whether your ‘elevator speech’ REALLY is too long, too boring, or just a bit … much?

….or even be all that understanding when you JUST need to take a wee break in your job search to recharge ….

Come join folks that really GET IT. 


Other job seekers, like the Support = Success group members, are OUT THERE, just like you:


slogging through those (super annoying!) but unavoidable online application systems,

waiting weeks, even months, to hear something, anything, about a job you were just PERFECT for ….

Your job seeking peers are like your personal cheerleading squad and coach combined (plus, Shannon will be there as your ACTUAL Coach, too!) ….

This could really, really boost your confidence, and job search know-how, too –

couldn’t it?

What the group is for:


  • a PRIVATE (secret/safe) place to give and receive support on your job search journey
  • to ask questions
  • get input
  • share resources & ideas,
  • exchange support, inspiration, and
  • maybe a bit of gentle butt kicking to get you motivated when needed ….
    ……because, well, let’s just be honest here, as we all know, job searching can be not all that fun at times!

This group is here to help make the job search journey as pleasant as possible, and remind you you are NOT alone in your quest, and that others are right here with you, cheering you on, as you root for their success, too!

Our loved ones really, truly WANT to help & support us, I know this, YOU know this … and yet ….


… maybe a place of solace to un-burden your frustrations & fears without the risk of “yes, but, you gotta do what you have to do!” type comments is oh so appealing .

Isn’t it?

Here’s how it’ll work:

Shannon, our Host, the group Admin & Facilitator, is a Resume Writer/Interview Skills Coach & Owner here at Resume Confidence (aka – ME, the person writing all this!)Sierra Exif JPEG

A la old school SNL’s Coffee Talk (Tawk ) I’ll encourage you to “talk amongst yourselves” a lot – AND – should you find yourselves a bit verklempt, also offer posts of interest, and, every week a “Monday Morning Motivator” post or two.  And case you need me to, I’ll give you a topic to get you going!

–>> MEMBER POSTS & COMMENTS is what this is ALL ABOUT!

(Who remembers Mike Myers classic SNL skits from the ’90’s? Hilarious! We’ll have some fun in the group, too!)


Whatever YOU each want feedback about, ideas for, is what we’ll talk about!  And, I encourage you all to even NETWORK together (who knows which group member has a sister in your town that knows her neighbor works at the company you are targeting, right??)


Professional Input:  I’ll also stop in to weigh in on the questions & comments, and offer my expertise just like I do with my one-on-one clients!  (and likely offer some freebies & extras & such as the urge & opportunities arise!)


BTW, just so it’s clear: Your job search secret will be safe here! A secret group on Facebook means it is completely private – no one except group members can see you belong to this group, or the posts/comments you make here.




Start NOW!

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