Resume Review, Editing, & Rewrites

Resume Review, Editing & Rewrites:  Need some polish and input?  On a budget and/or time crunched? Or want full service help?

“My resume is “OK”…. but…. I KNOW it can be better! …. (but I can never  figure out how to do it on my own!)”

—> the new and old services TRANSFORM your RESUME – with options for everyone’s budget and timeframe!

Resume Review & Editing service uses my 15+ years of doing in-depth full service rewrites and condenses that expertise to make the process fast, simple, and within anyone’s budget.
Until about a year ago, I used to ONLY offer ‘full service resume rewrites with various packages of 1-1, full service options. The process took 2 weeks minimum, often a month or longer…..
Here’s what I’ve learned:  while SOME people NEED and WANT that in-depth full on rewriting and coaching services, many don’t need it, or simply can’t afford it in terms of time and/or money. (not sure what you need? I have a solution for that – download my FREE “Do I Actually NEED a Resume Writer?” 20 page guide!)
SO — I decided to add this option so that MORE people could afford to benefit from my 15+ years of expertise in a way that better fits more clients’ timeframes and budgets!
Here’s how it works & what is included:
1)  Option #1: Resume Review – You send me your current best draft resume
2)  I write you an in depth, personalized review/critique your resume including: 
–the employer’s point of view;
–if I would read your resume if I was a hiring manager (or not – and why);
–format input and changes for polish and visual impact; pointers on strategy;
–the strengths of your current document and
–with specific, individualized questions about your content/background to help you discover important details you may be missing!
3) Option #2: Resume Editing: Includes the Resume Review AND, I also send you a lightly edited version of the original resume, which incorporates some of the comments/suggestions from the Review.  Note:  some of the suggestions from the Review would be up to you to make the changes yourself (for example on possible accomplishments you may have omitted that I can’t simply add myself)
4) Reference materials to help you make further edits
5) Option for a Follow Up Review/Edit after you make the suggested improvements and changes to the Edited Resume I sent you. This would likely be the final input and polish to your new resume, though you may purchase as many Follow Ups as you may want!
What this service is NOT/what it’s not so good for:
— It’s not a full service, in-depth rewrite
— It’s not a coaching or Q & A service
— It’s not great if you need a major overhaul to a messy resume, a very very outdated resume or resume more than 2-3 pages
— It’s not meant to help you ‘rebrand’ completely into a new career or field of focus using your transferable skills
–(NOTE:  please do ask me, though, if you need a more in-depth, total overhaul type rewrite. I’ll be doing a very limited amount of these, and, working with a contractor to work with and write for those clients)
Investment:  Option #1: Resume Review only= $15
Option #2 (includes Resume Review and also light Editing  ($50-100 – I will quote you based on your draft resume it isn’t “as is” current form); Follow Up Reviews/Edits $25.
Timeframe:  48 business hour turnaround
EMAIL ME your *best draft* of your resume to get started right away!