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At heart, I’m a teacher. My approach with all my clients is to be a supportive, educational guide.

I LOVE to teach and interact with my clients. I strive for – and have been told repeatedly by participants that I deliver – lively classes that hold interest while sharing vital information on job search topics.

Over 15 years I’ve taught job seekers in small – medium sized groups of entry level, mid-career and very experienced professionals on core topics such as:

  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills Group Practice
  • Job Search Strategy & Tips

My first ONLINE CLASS was published in Sept 2018 and is available on Skillshare for FREE, for a limited time:


>>> CLICK HERE to access this 30 minutes video course




WEBINARS custom made for YOUR school, organization or special group are also available. Let’s talk!

Additional Teaching Information

In my earlier career, you could find me out in the Florida woods teaching either children or adult groups hands-on about the native flora and fauna and non-competitive team building games, or in a runaway shelter facilitating groups of teens in discussions about life skills such as anger management and conflict resolution, or even in the living room of an immigrant family teaching English as a Second Language.

Just like you, all my past experience comes together to mold and shape my presentation and teaching style now – interactive, hands-on, and fun (especially since the topics I teach now aren’t necessarily automatically things you might think of as fun, right?)

I’ve taught hundreds of groups of 10-50 job seekers in workshops and classes I personally develop for specific group needs on topics such as resume writing, interview skills, cover and thank you letters, and job search techniques and strategies. I’m really proud of earning consistently high ratings of “highly satisfied” in feedback from the workshop participants with comments such as:

The best part of the presentation was:

  • “(presenter’s) personality; she was fun and grabbed attention.”
  • “It was interactive, lively, and stimulating.”
  • “She was clear and to the point.”
  • “She is very animated, focused, and knowledgeable.”
  • “You were interesting and informative.”
  • “Presents well, good teacher, very clear, the whole thing was informative.”
  • “The exercises, we were not just listening.”
  • “The helpful information and sincere enthusiasm; the content was important and the rest was refreshing.”
  • “I enjoyed the entire presentation, there is nothing I would change.”
  • “Thank you, it was fun and worth my time.”

I’m also quite comfortable in a corporate training room developing interactive – and entertaining – curriculum for or coaching employees on topics like customer service, sales, or product lines.

I just really love love love to teach! And that translates to a great learning experience for you & your group.

Speaking and Writing

Past presentations for groups large & small were both as a part of my business, such as Honeywell’s “Women in Industry” annual conference talk on “Gender Communications in the Workplace” and as a guest speaker at a local church entitled, “Job Search Strategies: Balancing Trust & Action,” and also as a former Toastmaster’s member. I also edited a 350+ pages PhD dissertation for a college professor, and in addition to my blog, I’ve also been a frequent contributor to several local magazines, writing on the personal as well as professional challenges of job searching.

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