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At heart, I’m a teacher. My approach with all my clients is to be a supportive, educational guide.

I LOVE to teach and interact with my clients. I strive for – and have been told repeatedly by participants that I deliver – lively classes that hold interest while sharing vital information on job search topics.

Over 15 years I’ve taught job seekers in small – medium sized groups of entry level, mid-career and very experienced professionals on core topics such as:

  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills Group Practice
  • Job Search Strategy & Tips
Online Courses

Does Your Resume Pass the 10-30 Second Scan Test?

A Resume Critique with a ProResume Review Class

What is an employer looking for when they first glance over your resume?

Do you think they actually READ IT?

They don’t. Not at first.

You have to capture the reader’s attention QUICKLY in order for them to want to read more, and ultimately, invite you to interview.

This FREE COURSE (click this link) goes over the basics of what makes a good (and a bad) first impression about you – and your resume.

Interview Insights – Insider’s Overview with an Interview Coach

Interview Tips Class

In this upbeat and inviting FREE COURSE (click this link) we’ll go over some important insights on how to be effective, memorable and clearly communicate your skills and value.

Section 1: The Dual Purpose of an Interview – it’s not JUST about winning the job offer

Section 2: Learn 3 Simple Interview Strategies for Clarity and Confidence

Section 3: Top 3 Tips on Most Asked Client Questions

It’s about 25 minutes total, in a series of shorter videos, full of digestible bits & tips – check it out!

Upcoming e-Classes:

  • How to Write a Branded Summary in 3 Steps
  • Writing Clear, Concise  Resume ACCOMPLISHMENTS to Capture Attention!
  • Career Clarity Guide: Road Maps to Plan Your New Job Path

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Additional Teaching Information

I’ve taught hundreds of groups of job seekers in workshops and classes I personally develop for specific group needs on topics such as:

  • Resume Writing,
  • Interview Skills,
  • Cover and Thank You Letters, and
  • Job Search techniques and strategies.

I’m really proud of earning consistently high ratings of “highly satisfied” in feedback from the workshop participants with comments such as:

The best part of the presentation was:

  • “(presenter’s) personality; she was fun and grabbed attention.”
  • “It was interactive, lively, and stimulating.”
  • “She was clear and to the point.”
  • “She is very animated, focused, and knowledgeable.”
  • “You were interesting and informative.”
  • “Presents well, good teacher, very clear, the whole thing was informative.”
  • “The exercises, we were not just listening.”
  • “The helpful information and sincere enthusiasm; the content was important and the rest was refreshing.”
  • “I enjoyed the entire presentation, there is nothing I would change.”
  • “Thank you, it was fun and worth my time.”

How I started teaching & training:

In my early career, you could find me out in the Florida woods doing hands-on teaching of environmental education topics to either children or adult groups.

I also facilitated non-competitive team building games for groups, and , life skills such as anger management and conflict resolution for teens and college students.

I enjoyed being an at-home tutor in the living room of an immigrant family teaching English as a Second Language.

Eventually, I segued all those teaching/training experiences into facilitating the job search related workshops I mentioned above.

Just like you, all my past experience comes together to mold and shape my presentation and teaching style now – interactive, hands-on, and fun!