Interview Practice

Option #1:  1 hour Coaching & Practice Call + MP3 recording (+ increased confidence and polish!)

Includes: Behavioral Interviewing Guidebook & 50 Questions List

I teach Behavioral Interviewing strategy (sometimes called Structural Interviewing) and a system/structure to follow for clear, concise answers that demonstrate your skills and qualifications called “STAR” or “SAO”. You learn how to ‘PROVE YOU’ in the interview!

1 hour session: Cover your Top 3 Burning Questions, and Learn Answer Structure for Winning Interviews!

Option #2:  3 hour Interview Practice (3 session) package (best value): More detailed feedback, more questions of yours can be covered, and of course, more PRACTICE is VERY BENEFICIAL!

Read a few interview client testimonials here.

Q – I never know what to say to the “What is your greatest weakness?” question – help! What should I say?? “

“Am I supposed to ask questions (I think)? What should (and shouldn’t) I ask?”

“I hear I’m supposed to tell stories, but I talk to long if I do that. Help!”

Or ANY question or concern YOU may have about job interviews!

Option #3: Behavioral Interviewing E-Guide


  • How to communicate & show your value to an employers (without sounding like you’re bragging)
  • How to structure an answer clearly and concisely
  • How to tell example stories
  • The top 3 most asked questions about interviewing
  • + 50 Behavioral Interview Question examples!

Download & review the reference materials at your leisure.

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