Mid-Year Check In: Goals

“Na Na Na Na You Say It’s Your Birthday!” Bucket Lists & Creating a Work Life that Supports ALL Your Goals June is a perfect time to take time to look over whatever you intended for the new year in January, and check in, evaluate (and possibly re-evaluate) your goals.  June also happens to be […]

CLIENT SAYS: This Process Helped Me Regain Control of My Life

“Thank you Shannon.  This process definitely gave me more than I bargained for — in a good way.  This was a giant step in taking back control of my life.   I’m thrilled with the end product and will keep you in mind for updates.  It was a true pleasure not having to figure out […]

Staying Connected: LI & Leave for Dads

  Papa Smurf at Work My dear friend from college recently became a first time father! He was actually indirectly instrumental in getting me eventually started as a resume writer, because being a good writer himself he would help me, very early on in my previous career as a social worker, to hone my own […]

Corporate America: a New Story? (!)

  For years, I’ve been thinking about changing corporate and workplace landscape. It recently was Father’s Day, and I know how our dads, and other providers  (maybe that’s YOU!) are and have been affected by these changes, by the weight of job and family obligations, as well as the drive to succeed, make a contribution, […]

Ideas: 10+ New Jobs for Transitioning Teachers

Many of my clients are educators of all kinds. Many are transitioning teachers, usually K-12 but also college professors, traditional in person corporate training / HR trainers and all sorts of training professionals looking for a career change. These ideas for taking your transferable teaching skills into a new but related role have come from […]