What Are You Grateful for About Your Work?

The best kind of attitude is gratitude, right? What about your job, or job search, do you feel grateful for? What are you learning, what’s been valuable for your professionally/personally through the experience?  Where have you experienced kindness, support, recognition? For me, I’ll give a big shout out to supervisors I’ve had, like Darrell & Sondi […]

Manage Your Boss LIKE a Boss

This is a series of “OTJ” (On-the-Job)  Career Management Topic Posts   Once you have a new job, the fun isn’t over!  It an be hard to really know what your team, and especially your boss, will be like during the interview, even if you did your best to ‘vet’ and interview THEM, the way […]

Pros & Cons: “People Also Viewed” feature on LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn, the “People Also Viewed” feature on LinkedIn shows a list of other profiles like yours, for example, other people with similar job titles and industries.  This feature CAN help you find other professionals in your industry and/or area (etc.) to grow your network – good, right?What this may do for job seekers, is […]

Q & A CAFE: Job Gaps, Transferable Skills, and more!

IN THIS VIDEO: –What is the Q & A Karma Cafe? — How to address a JOB GAP on your resume — Should what you did during the time you were unemployed (like a side business / contract work, etc.) be included on your resume? — How to talk about TRANSFERABLE SKILLS during a CAREER […]

Real Job Seeker Success Stories:

   “Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.”― Gina Greenlee Story #1:  Social Media Manager … and… Candle Maker? I shared this inspiring post on LinkedIn recently, and just had to share this with you, too.  I not only adore this sort of synchronicity in general, but over the 15+ years I’ve been working with job seekers, […]