Evaluating a Job Offer – Know Your Personal Bottom Lines

Beyond Salary & Benefits   The long awaited job offer has come – and now you have to decide – to take it, or, keep looking. It can be difficult to turn down any offer while job searching, especially if you have family and/or financial pressure. However, I want to encourage you to learn how […]

Sustainable Businesses: Doing Important Work Well

From the documentary: “Real Value” – Economics, Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship “Businesses have to be run well – non-profit and for profit alike… to accomplish their purposes. We think a lot about the efficacy of social enterprises and we have a little 3 cell model: You have to do important work – that’s just fundamental; it […]

Q & A: Job Gaps, Transferable Skills, Career Change and more…

Q & A TOPICS: How to address a JOB GAP on your resume Should what you did during the time you were unemployed (like a side business / contract work, etc.) be included on your resume? How to talk about TRANSFERABLE SKILLS during a CAREER CHANGE What if you only have EDUCATION / TRAINING, but […]

Real Job Seeker Stories: Timing, Waiting & Synchronicity…

Doubtless you’ve heard the phrase, “It’s all about the timing.” It’s not easy to trust this during a job search. Can you push the timing, or do you just have to wait?

CLIENT REVIEW: “Genuine Desire to Help You Find the Perfect Job”

Curious what former clients have to say about Resume Confidence, and working with me?  Check out this and all the client reviews on the Testimonials page. Shannon A says on the Resume Confidence LinkedIn page: “… the process was a detailed one… but much worth the effort… Shannon produced a product that exceeded my expectations. […]