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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto? AI, Blockchain & Their Impacts on Industries

This is one post in the series in the The Future of Work category here on my blog. So many changes are coming, or upon us, in our world, and, the workplace. What will the business world adopt? How will we, our governments, each of us as individual employees, and the work force overall, adapt? […]

Job Dependence, or Independence?

How Do Coming Changes Impact YOU? What kinds of changes in the work place, our culture and our world, do you anticipate, and feel are coming, and, worth supporting?  Of course we can’t fully choose which changes will emerge, though we CAN choose to participate.  That’s the very foundation to the forming our country: for the […]

A Challenge to Corporate America

  You may be surprised to hear that a Cirque du Soleil performance had aspects that inspired this article, so much so that I found myself makes notes on my phone in the middle of the performance! Originally, I had a rough outline for a post to talk about the changing corporate and workplace landscape, […]

Where Will All the Jobs Be?

And how MANY will there be in the possibly near future? Automation and technology have already, and continue to impact how we do business, and what types of jobs are being cut and created. Needed skill sets are changing. As someone who works with job seekers, I feel a responsibility to share information about potential […]

B is for… Best Companies? C is for….? P is…. tripled?

  I have a personal  – and professional – interest in educating others about and encouraging the ways of the business world to become organizations that value their employees, their communities, and the environment on equal footing –  sometimes called the “Triple Bottom Line”,  and known also as “3P” – ‘People, Planet,Profit.  This means all […]