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In addition to the Core Components of Confidence process,  here are some additional details on how I operate and what you can expect from working with me.

It’s important to me that it’s a good mutual match. I may or may not be the best writer for you. I may be a great choice if you resonate with my approaches.  

#1: We are a team. We will work together in collaboration. I can’t do a good job without input (lots of it) from you There is a LOT of benefit to YOU from the Core Component of Confidence process – though it’s work on your part.

Read about past clients experience – and the ROI (return on investment) they got from it


  • Customized content to showcase your unique contributions, accomplishments, traits, skills, experiences, all targeted to your current job goals (all effective resumes must do these things!)
  • No ‘stock’ or generic content, ever.
  • ABOUT resume scanning systems & “fancy formats”: I keep my formats simple and clean; I just don’t trust ‘fancier’ graphic design formatting to pass through ATS systems (applicant tracking systems) that read/scan resumes when you apply online. Yes, I’m conservative about this. I’d rather be safe, and focus on strong content than special visuals. Skills and contributions are what will ultimately be most important to get you noticed by an employer.
  • Personal, individual service. I’m a one woman show, and each client is special. You are unique, and important to me! I strive to build relationships & have many repeat clients because of this, and my results. I am not a resume mill of new grad English majors churning out 100 generic resumes/week for $50-100 a pop.
  • I do all the resume work via email for everyone’s scheduling convenience and to be most efficient. The only phone consults I do are for interview practice/coaching sessions. I do not offer in person consultations.
  • My job: asking the right questions and then crafting the specific style and way to represent you with the information you provide.
  • Your job: provide me with the specific details I need in order to do that. So, you will have to do some work to do – it’s the only way I can gather the vital information I need. (I have not (yet) learned to mind read! (working on it per client request, though!)
  • The Branded Resume Rewrite is a deep dive, not a quick fix. The deep dive has MANY BENEFITS, though, for your interviewing skills and job search in general, my clients tell me. So it’s worth it. But it IS work on your part.
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  • Timeframes – Overall Process (Branded Resume Rewrite)
    1st Step: Info Gathering: We start with a small “Get Started: Getting Clear” assignment about your current goals.
    2nd Step: Resume Research Q & A List: I use what you send me from that exercise to create an individualized question list for you. This is the deep dive info I need to get the insight and background info to transform your resume.
    Draft 1: Usually 5-7 business days after all information gathering is complete.
    Other Drafts/Final Resume: It’s largely up to you – it’s ideal to receive your feedback to each draft (2-3 drafts are common) within 1-3 days of receiving them from me. I generally can send the next round of changes back in 1-2 business days as well.
    OVERALL: about 2-3 weeks is normal from start to finish, given the time needed for both of us at each step. No more than 1 month to complete the resume is recommended!
    ** It is best to prioritize this work & investment and keep focused on your investment for quickest and best returns.
  • Pricing: For full services, I am mid-range in pricing overall but lower-mid considering my level of experience and depth of service. I like to be affordable & thus help as many job seekers as I can (this is also why I offer budget-minded “Quick Consults” products & services as well as Full Service options).  You can also look at my free guide here that includes comparison charts and info on what to expect from any Resume Writer at various price points & levels of service.)
  • I am not the writer for you if: you need a rush job; you want a quick fix; you want to work in person or over the phone on a resume; work in IT/highly technical role or are a C-level/exec

QUESTIONS?  Please check the FAQ page or reach out to me: CONTACT SHANNON