Who Are You in Your Alter Ego?

The idea of altering your reality, and casting some magic, seemed fitting for the month of Halloween, of course, the season of adopting an alternative persona.

So many people are faced with HAVING to reinvent themselves right now, in the face of so many lay-offs, and changes, in business and the work force.

Career change, by choice, or not, is always a little bit scary (whether it’s Halloween time, or not!)

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
Begin it now.” 
~ Goethe

When I get full of anxiety about, well, most anything, I have to ask myself to:

#1:  Be My (Your) Own Super-Hero!


What CAN I do to be empowered in these ever shifting, ever changeable situations? How can I transform a setback into something positive, even useful?

(I for one, also often call on my spidy sense when working with clients! Ya, that’s me in my nephew’s mask many years ago!)

I’ve been inspired in the past by a few friends of mine that took their dreams literally on the road, and not just for test drives.  Granted this was pre-covid, but, the inspiration remains true.

They were literally, and figuratively, behind the wheel, directing their lives boldly down the yellow brick road & their own idea of Oz.

If I had a lot more guts, and a slightly better singing voice, in another life I might do what my friend Randy did.  He’s a musician taking a borrowed RV, his approximately 14,000 guitars, computers, speakers & what-not , and his navigator, a labradoodle named Cody, who also moonlights as their blogger, out on the road for his first performance tour. Oh, and his wife Keri, a professional photographer who will document the tour, and do shoots for other bands along the way, and manage all the fan base/social media gets to go, too!  I had the privilege of being at Randy’s debut performance.  He had never played in front of a crowd before.

All that took some wicked courage – and self belief – I’d say.

Randy, Keri, (and Cody) are following their dreams.  They planned and systematically worked towards this goal for a good 9-12 months before finally taking off.  When they hit the road, I couldn’t have been prouder – or more inspired.

#2  Who are YOU in Your ALTER EGO?

What have you always wanted to be, or do?    Who’s your alter ego? Is NOW your opportunity to TRANSFORM?

(My friend Greg is actually a Minister, but apparently, HIS alter is, well, obvious!) 

Whether you have the time to plan and launch, or whether you now find yourself BEING launched in new career directions not by choice, entertaining these dreams can lead to maybe a new career direction, or, perhaps a side business and extra income source as talked about in the recent blog posts Multiple Profit Centers for Job (and Life) Satisfaction & Security. I really believe it is wise in uncertain times especially, to have at least one extra source of income is a wise precaution, for ‘you just never know what may come’ times.

So go play dress up – literally (it is Halloween, after all!), or at least  in your mind, let the dreaming and plotting begin for your job change and new career direction!  Take a test drive, at least – start blazing the trail to your fantasy life, & name it Reality Lane.

Take inspiration from those around you that are setting an example and showing it can indeed be done.  

Who in your life is doing it?  How did they start? 

By choice or by force? (but really, what we do when life forces our hands is always also a choice, right?)

What was their first step? How can you follow in their footsteps on your own path to more fulfillment?

Begin it now . . .


(Maybe I’ll become a professional pumpkin carver?  Or, maybe not . . . )

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! To you AND your alter ego(s)!


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  1. I love this post!  Too many don’t take the risk and then wish they had. nothing to fear but fear itself!  I like the quote, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  Very nice!  John

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