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VIDEO: Top 10 Tips for Interviewing

An oldie but still good advice – my first videos (produced by a local production company for (the new, at the time) eHow website) circa… hmm… 2007 I think? They wanted 1 min tips videos at the time – so have a quick watch! Maybe it’s because of  David Letterman, but people seem to love […]

VIDEO: Show Vs. Tell: PROVE Yourself in an Interview

How to not just SAY you have the skills you have, but to PROVE it to the employers in your interview answers.

VIDEO: ROCK Your Job Search References

  Eight Simple Rules for Rockin’ References   Pretty much every employer is going to ask for references at some point in the hiring process. Do they go on your resume? Should they be personal? Professional references? These common questions, and some not often heard tips are included here. This video is one in the SERIES: […]

VIDEO: Thank You Notes & Other “Old Fashioned” Approaches

Why Should You Send a Thank You Note After an Interview? SHOULD you send one? This post/video was inspired by a post/comments on a LinkedIn conversation I read on someone’s page. They wondered if thank you letters after a job interview were considered “out dated”, “old-fashioned”, even strange. What?  Hear MY opinion on all this, […]

VIDEO: Cover Letters That Stand Out (Ideas You May Not Have Heard Before)

  One in the VIDEO SERIES: Simple Ways to Stand Out as a Job Seeker:  How to Capture Attention in a Cover Letter (check out the whole playlist!) ALSO:  Get the pdf guide for Writing Attention Getting Cover Letters with samples     Additional blogs about cover letter tips: — The Truth About Cover Letters […]