Who I Work With



A national client base of job seekers across many industries and career levels, from entry level/early career to mid and later career professionals who might be:

♦ Career changers
♦ Re-entering the workforce after an absence / clients with job gaps, or
♦ Steady in the same career path folks are most welcome, too!


Educators of all kinds (K-12, higher education (teachers, professors, administrators), instructional designers, curriculum developers, corporate trainers, & anyone that focuses on training/instructing roles in their work)
Human Resources (entry to mid-career & HRBP), generalists or specialists (employee development & training, recruitment/onboarding/retention, benefits/payroll, management & performance coaching, DEI (diversity, equality, inclusion) etc.)

Also many clients are in:

  • Non-profit managers, program administrators, counselors / therapists/ social workers / advocates (youth & families, environmental issues, social justice /community building, etc.)
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) managers/specialists, volunteer coordinators
  • Office managers, operations & any management
  • Administrative assistants, entry to executive level
  • Most any sales / customer service roles
  • Health, wellness/holistic medicine
  • Hospitality / spa, travel, event planning
  • Retail /merchandising staff or management
  • and many others!

♥Clients Who Care!♥ My clients are the types who love their work (or want to!). They’re likely very personable, and professional and dedicated to their craft and being of service in some way through their work. 

You may be yearning to USE YOUR INNATE GIFTS AND PASSIONS more fully – but first need help identifying HOW, and what that work might be. 

My Career Clarity Guide pdf (and upcoming e-class), is designed to help job changers find their new career direction.

I talk a bit about why I understand job changers, the multi-talented, multi-interests folks  and anyone that just wants to use their skills & talents in a new role or industry on my About page (hint: I’m one of you!) Also check out this blog post: 7 Transferable Skills (and How to Talk About Them) and Job Gaps & Transferable Skills (video) & others in the Career Change section of my blog!


Sorry, but I don’t work with:

  • IT / clients in highly technical roles (programmers, for example)
  • Executive / C-level clients
  • Clients needing a rush job (less than 10 days start to finish – my process is a deep dive, not a quick fix)


Reach out to start working together – Contact Shannon