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Check out this list, but, we are also quite happy to answer your questions at: 

How long have you been doing this?

Over 12 years now, and counting . . . I have worked with clients at the beginning of their careers and folks that were running the show at their company (aka CEO types), and people from most any industry (except tech, that, I think, really needs a specialist versed in tech-speak). So, I am very comfortable working with you & answering any questions you may have.

What type of payment do you accept?

Major credit cards/debit or account withdrawls via PayPal.

We also accept Stripe, very similar to PayPal, personal checks with a 2 week clearing hold to start services, real estate, pirate treasure and your first born. Well, okay, all but that last one, unless s/he is really good at marketing. If so, we’ll have to talk then! (Just kidding! Probably. But you knew that, right?)

Do you offer discounts?

I offer value. I believe in affordable service that delivers beyond client expectations and the ticket price investment. I also include extras & bonuses to each service and package (you’ll have to become a client to find out about these gifts!) I offer what I’d personally buy as a great deal all around!

Our Combination Packages are bundled services at discounted rates off  the ‘a la carte’ prices for the services in that package. These are the best overall value, all things considered.

I’ve also added some simple and budget minded services such as Resume & Linked In Reviews with options for add-on consults, and, some e-classes as well for anyone that can “DIY” the input themselves.

How can I reach you fastest?

Best thing to do: check out the website thoroughly, and email first with specific questions about the services you are interested in. Including your current resume with your email so I can see where we’re starting from is also time efficient.

I’m great with responding to email within 48 business hours (usually faster)! 

Should my resume be only one page?

Well, resume writers go around about this. I get this question so much, I wrote a blog post about it for your reading pleasure, but . . .

Generally speaking, my opinion is that as long as the MOST important information for each job is easily noticed on the first page, then no more than 3/4 of a 2nd page is usually okay.

Do I need an Objective on my resume? Do I need a cover letter?

Quick answer: NO! and YES!!

Objectives are pretty obsolete, ‘old school’ nowadays. All they do is state the type of work you are looking for, which is precisely what the first paragraph of your very necessary cover letter states (the job you are applying for). Here’s the blog post “Are Objectives Objectionable?” for more info. Summaries are more standard now on resumes.

Never ever ever send a resume without a cover letter – a unique cover letter tailored to THAT job at THAT company. No form letters allowed! Period.

You can also get a Sample Cover Letter with Commentary here.

More questions?

Here’s the answer: (see above!)  Email is best!!

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