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Sustainable Businesses: Doing Important Work Well

From the documentary: “Real Value” – Economics, Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship “Businesses have to be run well – non-profit and for profit alike… to accomplish their purposes. We think a lot about the efficacy of social enterprises and we have a little 3 cell model: You have to do important work – that’s just fundamental; it […]

Bcorps & CSR: Making a “Right Living”

  “The joy it brings, to be able to have a business that counts to people, and to me, and for people to be able to make what one of my employees called a “right living”… to work for a company knowing we’re never going to get rich, but, we are going to work in […]

Corporations: Do they Care?

Which way/s will most US companies go in this emerging covid-influenced economy? B-Corps, “C” Corps:  Beneficial & Balanced? or Cruel & Controlling Corporations? While some companies are becoming more and more punitive, demanding and restrictive: Expecting employees to work 70+ hours/week to be considered “successful” The reportedly terrible working conditions in at least some warehouses and […]

Real Companies: Sustainable & Locally Sourced

Here’s another example of just one company devoted to sustainability practices in their business. They’ve become so popular, they can’t meet demand and thus, maintain steady profitability while “doing good”, too.   Lyle Estill started Piedmont Biofuels in Pittsboro, NC out in the backyard just to meet his family’s fuel needs, but later, upon interest […]

What is “CSR”? (nope, not “customer service rep”)

C is for…Corporate social responsibility (CSR) = the idea that a business has a responsibility to the society that exists around it   Article in FastMoney:  Corporate Social Responsibility and Companies that Solve Social Problems     Some of my (awesome!) clients are in these fields and working for these types of organizations and departments […]