Client Stories: 3 All Too Common Resume Mistakes


Real clients, real resumes – real mistakes!  I have reviewed some resumes today with mistakes I commonly see, unfortunately.

Make no mistake about it – these types of errors WILL adversely affect your chances of landing an interview to be considered for the job!

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CAUTION! Fix these mistakes on your resume!


Mistake #1TOOOO LOONNGG:  I regularly see 3 page resumes – no no no!  (or even more – up to 8 (ugh!) pages (NO!)…

Often it seems this is because the person is trying to space things out, divide content sections with titles to make it easier to read. This is actually a good idea in theory, but it’s too much if it means you’re ending up on 3 or more pages.


Mistake #2Stating the obvious: She literally wrote in one section “What I Can Do for XYZ Company”

While yes, you want to SHOW (illustrate) that very thing, don’t straight out say it like that

Sub notes on this topic:  About those Accomplishments – YES! Yes! Make sure include as many as you can – BUT – I often see them hiding at the bottom of the document, like an after thought – NO!  Make sure they are either their own section at the top, or, integrate them into the positions where each contribution happened (bulleted for emphasis)

Another subnote: it is not necessary to say, “References available upon request” – employers know this. Save that space for an extra line or two about your achievements and unique experiences that will entice the reader to want to interview you!


Mistake #3: Making your resume a “DIY” project:  This client has admitted she’s not been getting interviews for quite some time, all while suspecting the resumes were why (I agree….) …. And yet, I get the sense she thinks she has the “I can do it myself” mindset that many do.

Here’s the thing:

We all have different talents! You’re awesome at what YOU do!

I’m great at writing what you do into an awesome resume, whereas you may not be so good at that, like this potential client isn’t…. let me help you …


Here’s what that can look like: a real life client that is NOT a mistake example:


There’s power in deciding to get serious about your job search, and seek out information and even assistance:


My now client reached out to me via a referral/friend of hers that knows me for help, as she’s been at home with kids + volunteering for 7 years and doesn’t quite know how to represent that on her resume or cover letter with her earlier paid work experience.

She sets a clear vision of the work she wants, and we start working together (delightful client!) She feels great about the reworking and branding of her new resume.

We’re to the final draft stage, and guess what happens?

A perfect job opportunity arises, so she sends in the almost finished draft. BOOM! Interview Monday!


And as a final note:  Make no mistake about this, either –  the work you do to co-create a GREAT resume is worth that time, effort, and money!


Case in point:  another current client shares (in an email telling me about her “homework” to research jobs she is interested in so we can target her resume to them):

“So, in the absence of finding that dream job, I have begun to start letting my friends network know that I am on the search and one opportunity did just pop up.”


Yep! Your personal and professional network are the best way to get strong job leads! (plus, when we start working on a new job, the powers that be support us by following that energy!)


Ready to correct YOUR past resume mistakes & become another inspiring success story?


Send your current resume (imperfect though it may be – that’s FINE (for now!)  )

and tell me why you’re looking for work.

We can get started right away on changing both those things!