Career & Personality Online Assessment Tools


Thinking of changing careers but need to explore ideas? You might be interested in some of these links to free online resources for several popular and well known career and personality assessment tools:  

  • Myers Briggs
  • Strong Interest Inventory (formerly Strong Campbell)
  • Enneagram

The video is a snippet of my upcoming online course (and existing 70 page pdf guide) The Career Clarity Guide

The Career Clarity Guide is your road map – Chart your course for a career change!

Get clear on what you like, what you want, and how to plan your path to a satisfying new job!

70+ page downloadable pdf with Four “Road Maps” guide you with ideas, resources, and “excavation” exercises to inspire your discoveries:

Map 1: Pack & Purge: explore and evaluate your past positions, and what stays/goes now
Map 2: Choose Your Transfer Tickets: how to use existing skills in a new way (or in a new job)
Map 3: Write Your Own Itinerary: get clear on your ideal job journey “trip”
Map 4: Chart Your Quest: plan your new job search journey via your resume, cover letter, and interview answers”



Career changers:

You can get a sample of Part 2 of the Career Clarity Guide at this link,

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Myers Briggs Foundation site

Myers Briggs Free Online Test Version

5 Best Jobs for Each Personality MBTI Type

Strong Inventory Overview Information

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Sample Enneagram Type Test