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Quick Consult, E-Guides & Online Classes

(We’re a Team – I’m the Coach, You Run the Plays)

I am your coach while you teach yourself using the in depth instruction materials I provide (your ‘play book’)

These are budget minded options great for motivated self starters.  These are offered through my Fiverr page called DIY Resumes, on Udemy, SkillShare & on my Resume Confidence YouTube channel. See below:

Resume Review

What it is:  PERSONAL and DETAILED feedback/critique from me of your current resume based on your current stated job goals.


  • First impressions with the “10-second scan” test with employers (to get in the “yes” file for an interview – or not)
  • What’s working and not working with your current format and content and why (I’m honest, but kind, don’t worry! )
  • Specific suggestions for changes to make to improve your resume

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LinkedIn Profile Reviews

What it is:  A detailed critique of your current LinkedIn profile.

Includes:  I’ll personally review your LI content with specific, individualized input + standard feedback your content (and how it should be different than your resume), writing an effective profile Title, and other basic considerations. PLUS, you get the Leveraging LinkedIn pdf guide, too.

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Leveraging LinkedIn E-Guide

What it is:  Leveraging LinkedIn pdf guide,  This gives tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile content, privacy considerations, how to add formatting to your text and more!

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Ask a Manager: Secrets of a Hiring Manager e-book

From Ask a Manager about this e-book:  “If you’ve ever wished that you could look into the brain of a hiring manager to find out what you need to do to get hired, How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager is for you.

Written from my perspective as a long-time hiring manager, this e-book gives you step-by-step guidance through every stage of your job search … explaining at each step what a hiring manager is thinking and what they want to see from you …”

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I’ve read this & it’s GOOD, people! Alison already wrote it, so I don’t have do! (true confession: this is an affiliate link – I get a little bit if you buy from here, but it doesn’t cost you any more!)

I only recommend things I have read/tried and know are QUALITY offers!


Behavioral Interview E-Guide 

What it is:  a detailed pdf guide, “Prove YOU in the Interview”, is full of interview strategies & coaching/tips.

Interview Tips GuideYou will learn the structures I teach one-on-one in my individual training sessions with the following materials:

  • What IS Behavioral Interviewing style? What types of questions, and answers, are expected?
  • SAO/STAR – How to Use This Simple Structure to Keep Your Answers Clear and Concise
  • How to Incorporate Example Stories
  • Lists of:  Top 10 Commonly Asked Interview Questions and 50 Sample Behavioral Interviewing Questions

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How to Write Attention Grabbing  Accomplishments on Your Resume E-Guide

Resume Accomplishments GuideWhat it is:   How to Write Attention Grabbing Accomplishments is a step by step instructional pdf guide.

Includes:  How to write an effective, clear, quantified accomplishment statement on a resume – with lots of examples!  AND, how to discover your achievements, contributions and unique traits to showcase on your resume, so you stand out to employers!

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Resume Scanner Ready Resumes E-Guide

This pdf shows you how to optimize your resume for resume scanning software / ATS systems (applicant tracking systems) that employers use to scan resumes online, compared to the jobs you apply for!

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Can your resume make it through an ATS (applicant tracking system) aka resume software scanner, which parse it for required key words before it ever gets viewed by a human?

If it gets to actual human eyes, will it catch their attention? What is an employer looking for when they first glance over your resume?

Do you think they actually READ IT?

They don’t. Not at first.

You have to capture the reader’s attention QUICKLY in order for them to want to read more, and ultimately, invite you to interview.

But FIRST, you have to pass the “quick scan tests”: 1) Get past the “gatekeeper” ATS software then 2) Grab the human’s interest in 10-30 seconds. 

Learn how to do BOTH in this e-class!


On SkillShare (this link also gives 30 days of classes for FREE on SkillShare – not just mine, ALL classes)




Do You Really NEED a Resume Writer? (Or Can You Just “DIY” It?)

I’ve been actually WRITING RESUMES professionally for 15+ years, and literally working on hundreds (likely 1000’s) of resumes. I’d simply have to truthfully say:

Most people do need help, or would at least benefit from professional help. I’d guesstimate that 90- 95% of resumes I see could be improved – sometimes dramatically – with some help.


This class and guide will help you assess:

  • Your SKILL level for writing your resume
  • Your time and budget you have available for your resume and
  • Your level of personal interest in learning HOW to “DIY it”


  • How to pick a pro for your needs, if you opt to hire someone (me, or another writer too).

Who can truly do a good (or good enough) job on their own (DIY – do it yourself)?

Truth? SOME. Not everyone.

This course, and the accompanying 20 page pdf INSIDER’S GUIDE includes:

  • check lists,
  • quick clarity quizzes, and
  • comparison tables for fast reference,

And for the more detail inclined folks ,it also includes more detailed input and explanations, too!

This course helps you decide: what’s best for YOU? Hiring a pro, or, DIYing it?


On SkillShare (this link also gives 30 days of classes for FREE on SkillShare – not just mine, ALL classes)


Interview Insights – Insider’s Overview with an Interview Coach

Interview Tips ClassIn this upbeat and inviting class of digestible bits & tips, we’ll go over some important insights to support you, on personal and practical levels, to be effective, memorable and clearly communicate your skills and value.

Section 1: The Dual Purpose of an Interview – it’s not JUST about winning the job offer

Section 2: Learn 3 Simple Interview Strategies for Clarity and Confidence

Section 3: Top 3 Tips on Most Asked Client Questions

This FREE COURSE (click this link to my YouTube page) shares many tips I give my clients in 1-1 interview coaching sessions.



  • Career Clarity Guide: Road Maps to Plan Your New Job Path
  • How to Write a Branded Summary in 3 Steps
  • Writing Clear, Concise  Resume Content & ACCOMPLISHMENTS to Capture Attention!


I look forward to hearing from you & helping YOU reclaim your job search mojo!