Hi folks!

Please allow me to introduce myself . . . (yes,  please, hear that to the tune of that Rolling Stones tune – I’ll send you a BONUS PRIZE just for stopping by if you can Name that Tune!)

Beyond the obvious of me being a Resume Writer and Interview Skills Coach, my background includes teaching in many environments, corporate training and curriculum development. Personally, I’m also a yoga practitioner, world traveler, and treehouse lover, too!

Background Basics

  • Resume Confidence began in 2002, as I became an independent Resume Writer & Interview Skills Coach, working with private clients from around the country
  • Resume Reviewer for international placement firm
  • Contract Writer for two executive search and resume writing firms
  • Resume Editor & Workshop Creater/Instructor for an arts college in their Career Service Center.
  • Career Placement Specialist with Work Net/One Stop national government funded program for any laid-off professionals and college career center
  • Resume Reviewer for Local Hires and Women for Hire job fairs in Tampa
  • Member/participant with Career Directors International and Career Management Alliance

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My early career was in various education roles, I then segued those transferable skills of group facilitation and teaching into a job as a Corporate Trainer for a European Travel Company then for Kelly Services as an applicant screener before finding my way into the job search/resume writing industry.

Let me elaborate a bit:

How I got here

People often ask me how I got into a non-traditional career like resume writing, and, no, it’s not a career that high school or college advisor sets a student out to become!

In some ways, it started quite unintentionally, when I quite by chance, became the official resume writer within the Kelly Services temp agency where I worked.

I’d been asked to do one quick resume rewrite for a client when the other staff was too busy. I did a better job with that rewrite, said senior staff there, than anyone else in the office could do.

It was my second week on the job.

The first reason, though, that I think I just got good at this stuff, is practice. Yes, sure, I’ve had probably over 1000 clients so far. But prior to that, I myself  had, well let’s just say MANY jobs, more than the average person (and I would know, right?)

I’ve been working since age 14. I’ve also had job gaps, like many people do (mine are largely from long term travel in my 20’s).  I was, like so many are, trying to find my path. Along the way, I reworked my own resume a LOT, often with help, both professional and from friends.

This turns out to be one of my secret strengths –– I really believe my own winding path through various fields from non-profits to large corporations, gives me a special insider’s understanding of many of my clients.

I’ve been told that I have insight that really helps my clients that are fearful that their eclectic work history is too confusing, or even ashamed that “they just can’t focus on one thing.”

I get it, first hand – and therefore I know how to work with frequent job changers and those with lots of different kinds of work (there are many of you out there, not to fear!), because I was one.

Therefore, I bring you first hand, hard won skills in:  

1) clarifying what you want to do NOW, then

2) drawing out the transferable skills from those many past jobs and projects and then

3) presenting them on the page as a sellable ‘brand’ in

4) a clear, concise content targeted for my clients’ ideal work.

But you don’t have to take it from me

I am quite honored to report that 50% of my business comes from referrals from happy customers, many of whom return for updates and more coaching years later. As some of those happy clients have said:

“Thank you for your advice. Should I need career assistance or resume advice in the future, I will not hesitate to contact you.” – Celeste, Marketing graduate, Florida


“Shannon was recommended to me by a dear friend . . . She knew what questions to ask to highlight my accomplishments . . .  I was so pleased I recommended Shannon to a friend who used her services also.” – Linda, Processing Coordinator, Illinois

My clients are the ones that named my company Resume Confidence:

Time and again they would say that our work together helped them feel such relief and just so much more relaxed and self assured in their job search and ability to get a job, in place of the anxiety and uncertainty they had been feeling previously.

And thus the name of my business was born, “Resume Confidence” – helping job seekers resume (reclaim, regain) their confidence in themselves, and their job search!

In their words:


“Shannon took the frustration out of resume writing for me…I feel much more confident going out in search of a new position.” – Valerie, Attendance Clerk/Summer School Secretary, Illinois

“Thank you for your resume guidance. It’s really rejuvenated my search and my spirits. I never would have gotten Home Depot (for HR Manager position) interested in me with my old bloated resume.” – John, Human Resources Manager, Oregon

 Resumes get interviews, interviews get jobs


I really learned a great way to coach people on interview skills while at my Career Specialist position for the nationwide Career One Stop program.

I held weekly group interview workshops for usually 5-15 people teaching a simple formula for answering clearly and succinctly, and “proving” yourself & your abilities.

I strive to really listen to you, and to hear the layers of what my clients say. It’s important to me to remember how you may be feeling, and to give encouraging, yet honest feedback during interview coaching. I guess this comes from my years as an educator facilitating groups on sensitive topics such as self esteem and communication skills. I always looks for the positive, while offering concrete suggestions for improvement as needed.

“I called upon Shannon for her assistance in preparing for an interview with a federal government agency . . . Shannon was very familiar with (behavioral) interview process and her expertise was incredibly helpful . . . She walked me through my answers and gave me a significant amount of constructive feedback . . . Her many years of experience allows her to tailor her sessions to each of her clients. She knows what information will make you stand out from the crowd and give you the advantage over the other candidates.

Shannon’s expertise and experience gave me the preparation necessary to give a strong interview and I ended up receiving a job offer. I would definitely recommend her services in preparing for an interview, reviewing/writing a resume or assistance with cover letters.”
Lauren (name changed, of course!), Special Agent Recruit, FBI, Florida

How can I help you get your next job offer?

I’d love to hear from you!

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