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Mid-Year Check In: Goals

“Na Na Na Na You Say It’s Your Birthday!” Bucket Lists & Creating a Work Life that Supports ALL Your Goals June is a perfect time to take time to look over whatever you intended for the new year in January, and check in, evaluate (and possibly re-evaluate) your goals.  June also happens to be […]

Staying Connected: LI & Leave for Dads

  Papa Smurf at Work My dear friend from college recently became a first time father! He was actually indirectly instrumental in getting me eventually started as a resume writer, because being a good writer himself he would help me, very early on in my previous career as a social worker, to hone my own […]

Re-entering the Workforce After an Extended Absence

As Oprah has said, when done well, being a mother is THE most important job there is.  And I know all the moms that are my clients and fans live that truth. Many a great mom also needs another job, out there in the career world. If you are a woman returning to the workforce after years […]

Seasonal Shifts, Spring Sprouts, and How the Sh!t Becomes the Soil

  Although I live in FL now, a place many think of as ‘eternal summer’, I grew up outside of Chicago, and remember too well the slushy, muddy, grey mess that is spring in northern climes. I also more fondly recall those exquisite days of early spring that would pop in now & again, teasing […]

Preparing for Labor: What Expectant Mothers & Job Seekers Have In Common

In honor of Mother’s Day (always the 2nd Sunday in May, btw), I offer this:   I seem to have had two types of people in my life recently – job seekers (as always) . . .  and pregnant women.  I was quite surprised to realize, as I listen to the trials and tribulations of […]