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3 Resume Tips for Including Self-Employment

  Many people opt to return to the role of employee after a stint working for themselves, or, work in both an employee role AND in their small business as a consultant, freelancer, or owner/operator like I talked about in the recent post Multiple Profit Centers for Job (and Life) Security and Satisfaction.   Adding […]

Mojo MAGIC: Restore & Reset

  I recently took a *proper* vacation – aka – I didn’t even answer emails (gasp!) I highly recommend taking *total* time off. I tend to work to some degree, as I’m betting many of you do, too, all the time, especially in always doing email and certain “core” things (like writing blog posts and […]

Real Job Seeker Stories: “One Thing Leads to Another”

  Career Stepping Stones & Job Search Success:   One Saturday I was talking to my new neighbor over the fence, & she told me a story about how her current job – and likely, future opportunities that are even more likely to be suited to her skills and interests, “fell into her lap” and I knew […]

The Short List: Things That Can Super Charge (or Short Circuit) Your Job Search Success

A couple clients that let me know recently (and any of you that may feel the same) they are disappointed that their job search isn’t going as easily as they’d hoped. This happens sometimes – more often than we all wish it did. We don’t get the call, or maybe the offer. It IS frustrating, […]

Q & A: They Asked When I Can Start – But I Have Vacations Planned Soon – What Should I Say?

  JOB SEEKER QUESTION: I received this question from a job seeker client of mine recently. She has had a series of interviews with a preferred employer (woo hoo!) when she came upon this dilemma I bet at least some of you have faced…   “I was able to land an interview (total of 3 […]