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Real Job Seeker Stories: “One Thing Leads to Another”

  Career Stepping Stones & Job Search Success:   One Saturday I was talking to my new neighbor over the fence, & she told me a story about how her current job – and likely, future opportunities that are even more likely to be suited to her skills and interests, “fell into her lap” and I knew […]

CLIENT REVIEW: Even as an HR Pro, I’m No Resume Expert-Leave It to Shannon

I’ll admit it. Even as an HR professional… I’m no resume expert… I reached out to Shannon and was immediately impressed with her process… The best part? You learn a lot about yourself and the roles you’ve had… (Shannon) will challenge you about how you want that document representing you and tell you what you […]

Real Life Networking:  Reflection on Connection 

True confession: the only way I can get myself to do this ‘networking’ thing is to approach it naturally, with a genuine desire to connect and build relationships.  I’ve written about this in several blog posts – have a look! Thank goodness, there are others out there with the same intentions! This time, the example […]

Dedicated During the Holidays

Here at Resume Confidence, I am dedicated to honoring all of the cherished traditions of the holiday season.   So much love, generosity, rich symbolism and ritual to enjoy all around, I love that!  Here are a few examples, and, I found this list of winter festivals of world traditions on Wikipedia really fascinating, too! […]

Grateful for the Compliment – Pass it On

  It’s the month we in the U.S. most focus on gratitude.  An experience recently made we think about how and why sharing a compliment at and about work is really important, and something not just you will be grateful someone did. A nurse friend of mine on Facebook got the nicest compliment on her […]