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5 Reasons to Keep a Work Journal

  In some ways, running my business isn’t all that different from managing your career. It’s important to track productivity, skills, likes, dislikes, connections, and accomplishments. I do this kind of reflection on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly cycles, at the suggestion of a former business coach. I know first-hand from working with so […]

Fellow Job Seekers Speak: What Helps YOU in Your Job Search?

  Thank you to all of you, clients and friends, who gave the following ideas, either in writing or verbally when requested. Many are quoted here: “When the job searching is really tough, I promise myself 15 minutes off for every hour behind the computer – like yoga or working in the garden or a […]

Ways to Prepare for a Gold Medal Job Search: Inspiration from the Olympics

I hope you are enjoying watching some of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics like I am these couple of weeks. Personally, I am a huge volleyball fan, because I played competitive volleyball myself in school, and my niece is a Division 1 college player and possible future Olympic hopeful (!) I also have been simply AMAZED […]

Job Search Inspiration from Olympic Athletes

    First of all – the most obvious lesson is INSPIRATION about what is possible, aspiring to your personal best, and of course, WINNING:  it’s EVERYWHERE in the Olympics, it’s most of why I watch! (besides just pure AWE at what these often seemingly super humans can actually DO with their bodies!) In addition […]

My gift to YOU: Xmas in July Critiques! 

  Ho Ho HOT Summer Special: Christmas in JULY Alert!  Baby it’s WARM outside! I always thought it would be fun to mix up the holidays a bit – decorate Valentine’s eggs, hang marshmellow peeps and ghosts on the Christmas tree. Wouldn’t that be fun?? So my version of this idea for now, is that we are going to celebrate Xmas […]