Author: Shannon Terry

Easy LinkedIn Tips – Part 1

  First, keep this in mind:  LinkedIn profiles are generally more narrative as I mentioned, so we aren’t simply repeating your resume (a big no-no).  They can show more personality and summarize/combine your career to illustrate your story more, and, should ALSO still include all the appropriate key words/skills in an easy to read format, […]

VIDEO: Cover Letters That Stand Out (Ideas You May Not Have Heard Before)

  One in the VIDEO SERIES: Simple Ways to Stand Out as a Job Seeker:  How to Capture Attention in a Cover Letter (check out the whole playlist!) ALSO:  Get the pdf guide for Writing Attention Getting Cover Letters with samples     Additional blogs about cover letter tips: — The Truth About Cover Letters […]

CLIENT SAYS: Resume Help is Paying Off AGAIN!

  Recently I received this email from a client from 2019. This is my favorite kind – you’ll see why: “I’ve recently been looking for a job again. Your help from 2019 is paying off again. It used to be that I would send out dozens of resumes just to get a couple of responses. […]

How to Thrive in Your Career Wherever You’re Planted

  I grew up on a lake outside of Chicago, with two sides of our yard bordered by lilac bushes. We had the standard lavender color, a white one, and my favorite—the deep violet with flowers that were fatter, bigger and, to me, the most beautiful. I lived in Florida for many years, and not […]

VIDEO: Only Education, No Experience

  I get this question pretty often: — What if you only have EDUCATION / TRAINING, but not JOB EXPERIENCE in the type of work you want? (what if your education IS your only related experience?) — PLUS:  How to Answer BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEW Questions (also called Structural interview questions), aka, how to “show what you […]