Author: Shannon Terry

Mojo MAGIC: Confidence Booster – References & Reviews

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER:  References and Reviews “Oh would some power the gift give us, to see ourselves as others see us!”  – Robbie Burns   Need a confidence boost?  Reread your reference letters, and/or annual reviews. Or if you don’t have reference letters from key people you could or should, get on that & get ready for […]

CSR & BCorps: Why WOULDN’T You Invest in Companies that “Do Good” AND are Profitable?

“Harvard Business School Professors wrote an article called “Creating Shared Value”. There’s a new way of thinking about how businesses can serve. Philanthropy is the old way. Philanthropy is about sharing wealth that has already been created. A better way is to create wealth is by serving. In creating shared value… we’re going to create […]

VIDEO: How to PROVE Yourself in an Interview

How to not just SAY you have the skills you have, but to PROVE it to the employers in your interview answers.

How to ROCK Your Job Search References

  Eight Simple Rules for Rockin’ References   Pretty much every employer is going to ask for references at some point in the hiring process. Do they go on your resume? Should they be personal? Professional references? These common questions, and some not often heard tips are included here. This video is one in the SERIES: […]

Mid-Year Check In: Goals

“Na Na Na Na You Say It’s Your Birthday!” Bucket Lists & Creating a Work Life that Supports ALL Your Goals June is a perfect time to take time to look over whatever you intended for the new year in January, and check in, evaluate (and possibly re-evaluate) your goals.  June also happens to be […]