Author: Shannon Terry

Mid-Year Check In: Goals

“Na Na Na Na You Say It’s Your Birthday!” Bucket Lists & Creating a Work Life that Supports ALL Your Goals June is a perfect time to take time to look over whatever you intended for the new year in January, and check in, evaluate (and possibly re-evaluate) your goals.  June also happens to be […]

Staying Connected: LI & Leave for Dads

  Papa Smurf at Work My dear friend from college recently became a first time father! He was actually indirectly instrumental in getting me eventually started as a resume writer, because being a good writer himself he would help me, very early on in my previous career as a social worker, to hone my own […]

Ideas: 10+ New Jobs for Transitioning Teachers

Many of my clients are educators of all kinds. Many are transitioning teachers, usually K-12 but also college professors, traditional in person corporate training / HR trainers and all sorts of training professionals looking for a career change. These ideas for taking your transferable teaching skills into a new but related role have come from […]

CLIENT SAYS: “More than expected, worth the investment!”

  “The CV looks great! Thanks for explaining the definition of a CV. (LOL, you can see I have not applied for a job in a long time.) It has been a pleasure working with you. Your expertise, and this experience is more than I ever expected. So worth the investment. All the handouts I’m […]

Sustainable Business: Beware of “Green Washing”

“Big box (retail / apparel) stores might put solar panels on their stores… but they have totally destroyed the apparel market, and the apparel industry. Because what have they done? They have built a model on cheap unsustainable transportation and cheap labor… They aren’t going to greatly raise their prices or greatly reduce their margins…so […]