Author: Shannon Terry

Manage Your Boss LIKE a Boss

This is a series of “OTJ” (On-the-Job)  Career Management Topic Posts   Once you have a new job, the fun isn’t over!  It an be hard to really know what your team, and especially your boss, will be like during the interview, even if you did your best to ‘vet’ and interview THEM, the way […]

2020’s Newsletter Links: Year in Review

Did you know Resume Confidence puts out a regular newsletter? If you’re not on our list, SIGN UP HERE. We don’t share your email (ever) (with anyone) (yes, I promise!) and share all special offers to subscribers FIRST.  Here’s a look back at the Monthly topics/themes for 2020… Click the links to see each newsletter! […]

Should You Do a Free Work Sample “Test” in an Interview?

  A recent LI post from a recruiter I follow (Lauren McDonald, to give due credit) said (in part), something that caught my attention. She wrote: DO NOT GIVE OUT IDEAS FOR FREE DURING INTERVIEWS – answer the question but don’t feed them with ideas. It’s complete BS. If they want to pay you for […]

CLIENT SAYS: 6 Years Later, Interview Practice Still Pays Off…

  Last week I woke up to a WONDERFUL email from a former client. We’d done a 3 or 4 hour package of Behavioral (Structural) Interview Practice & Coaching years ago. I remember John fondly as a very ATYPICAL engineer at Boeing who reached out for help, not having interviewed for a job in I […]

E-Class PREVIEW: Do You Really NEED A Resume Writer?

  Is a Resume Writer Worth It? Do you Need a Pro? Or Can you just “DIY” (do-it-yourself)? This is a quick overview of my UPCOMING NEW e-course…. Stay tuned for more sample segments and a link to the full class!