Calling All Friends – the Networking Letter


A broadcast letter is a networking tool that helps you let your group of friends, family, and business contacts know that you are looking for work, and asks them to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities for you.


It also helps them know what you are looking for and a summary of your skills so they can better understand what would be a good fit for you.



Here’s a brief outline of a broadcast letter:


Purpose: To ask family and friends for help with your job search


Contents of the letter:

  • Greeting with a personal statement
  • Where you are now
  • Where you have been/what you have done
  • Where you want to be/what you are looking for
  • Ask for help
  • ‘Close the sale’


Click here for a sample networking letter written by a past client, “Jane”, used with permission.


The NBC Evening News gave the statistic that “Jane” eludes to in her letter –  that 5% of jobseekers have success responding to the ‘want ads’, while 2/3 of jobseekers using networking strategies find jobs via their contacts.

The specific stats may vary, but the truth doesn’t – networking/referrals are by far THE best source of job leads.


If you haven’t already, write and send your own personalized broadcast letter today.  I am happily available to assist you with ideas and wording if you’d like assistance.


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