Job Searching Can Be FUN!


Okay, to be truthful, not usually.


BUT, we can choose to have some fun with it if we want to, because our attitudes and frame of mind can be sensed by employers.

 The Lionel Richie Method of Job Search?

Grumpy, beat down, or resentful?  Your interviewer will sniff that out like a bloodhound to a raw piece of meat.


Feeling good, positive, hopeful?  Your good nature will also shine through, unmistakeable.  By nature, people are attracted to confidence and ease.


Have a good laugh whenever you can. Do things that are fun when you’re not job searching.  PLAY! It’ll relax you & you’re easy going happy frame of mind will shine through in your interviews, and even the tone of your writing in cover letters, social networking posts, etc.!


 What Not to Wear:


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