Mojo MAGIC: The Key to Effective, Efficient Action


I think it’s really important to remind you of these core ideas, because, well, it bear repeating, especially in this “Go go go!” hustle culture where we’re all supposed to “make” things happen.

Well. OK. If that’s your thing.

But largely, I feel like action simply for action’s sake is a waste of precious time, and energy.

There’s a better, more effective way to get what (and where) you want.

For example, and I’m hoping, and mostly assuming, you know this: sending out 100 resumes to jobs that you either don’t qualify for or only remotely might fit is NOT a good strategy. There’s better uses of that effort.

First thing to “do”, for me anyway, and IMO for any job seekers, the first “action” to take is managing your “mojo” as I call it, and describe loosely as “feeling good and aligned with your goals” (and actively managing to rebuild and maintain this positive anticipation.)

So as Anne says here, we give energy to keeping up our ability to keep hoping (stubbornly, perhaps, or even just a glimmer if that’s all you can muster sometimes)…do what you can to help yourself keep the faith, keep positive somehow through our job search.

Let me add an important point: don’t make it harder by shaming yourself if you lost it (the faith, the hope, etc.) for awhile. Just start again once you’ve found it (even a little bit). Start again. That’s it.

This is one of the BEST things I ever learned from a business coach of mine: to just “begin again”, without berating myself for dropping the (job search or other) ball. No wasted hours (or days, or weeks…. or months) of guilting myself for detours/distractions that got me off track of my goals. Simply BEGIN AGAIN.

Try it. SUCH FREEDOM & freed up energy comes with this practice, I promise!!

Because Tom Petty really gets it, doesn’t he, when he said, “The waiting is the hardest part” (!).

Yep. He just nailed it, eh? So it’s quite natural to get distracted and/or discouraged during the wait. Just pick back up when you get refocused or find that hope you’d lost behind the couch cushions during a discouragement numbing Netflix binge (and don’t worry, we’ve ALL been there!)

While we wait, we DO also take concrete, pragmatic action too, when we can, aka: mojo in action, though (for some, this may actually be a relief, because DOING can help some of us relieve the anxiety that the waiting part may bring!)

Which is back to Anne in our quote: you “just show up and try to do the right thing” (THAT’S the “Go! Do!” stuff, the action taking that IS required, of course, too (just not the ONLY thing necessary, IMO).

Such as: carefully choosing jobs to apply for that you fit at least 70+% of the KEY /core skills and experiences in the description.

You should know, though, that NO ONE is the “unicorn” that matches ANY job 100%. Job ads are “wish lists”. You almost surely need to have all the “requirements” listed, but the “ideal candidate” / “preferred” list is what I mean – look that over & if you match more than not, it may be worth your time & effort, your “mojo in action” energy to apply. If you don’t, you probably would better use your time looking for and applying for jobs that are a better overall match, but you can decide.

Just throwing your resume out there for ANY job and not choosing something that fits your own wants & needs and also is a match for your skills again, isn’t a good approach.

It’d be sorta like some other of Tom’s lyrics in that song where he says,

Well yeah, I might have chased a couple of (wo)men around…
All it ever got me was down.
(parantheses (wo)men added for equality)
(and of course substitute ‘women’ for ‘jobs’ in this instance!)

Don’t chase any old job that moves. Have standards, and know what you want. Go after THOSE, with intention.

Focus your action on your carefully selected & matched jobs (be as selective as you would be choosing your partner!)

And remember to ‘manage your mojo’, too.

As Tom also reminds us,

You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part


Managing your mojo + Mojo in action = SUCCESS!


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