Ideas: 10+ New Jobs for Transitioning Teachers

Many of my clients are educators of all kinds. Many are transitioning teachers, usually K-12 but also college professors, traditional in person corporate training / HR trainers and all sorts of training professionals looking for a career change.

These ideas for taking your transferable teaching skills into a new but related role have come from clients who decided to make these same changes


from my own research in learning more & more about what my clients just like you are interested in.


10+ New Jobs for Transitioning Teachers:


1. Higher ed / professor / instructor:  train new teachers and/or teach in your subject matter area

2. School district level training roles, organizing and/or administering professional development or some role related to this that supports the teaching and often other staff as well (one example could be a tech training/support role)

3. School leadership roles (department head, vice principal or similar track)

4. Non-profit /government programs director roles

5. Grant writer/administrator is an often overlooked and perhaps natural option to explore (I know many teachers who successfully wrote grants to fund special grade level and/or classroom projects, to obtain new or special technology, etc.)

6. Any kind of teaching/training role into working for an educational product and/or service business. This could be a training/instructor role for users/customers/corporate client accounts, as a SME (subject matter expert) for the product/service including online courses, games, toys, tutoring services, etc.

7. Something entrepreneurial: for example, I personally know a teacher who became an entrepreneur offering first professional level tutoring services, and then developed it into a tutor training business. Check out Jill’s “Tutor Success Academy” offers here

8. Textbook writers and subject matter experts/consultants, standardized testing writers/evaluators, standardized testing practice materials authors, etc.

9. Museums and educational /experiential entertainment organizations (do you have kids in your own life? Where do they love to go, where do you like to take them for fun that’s also learning? What job could you do there?)

10. Any sort of training & development role for a business, often but not always a part of the HR department. I’ve had clients in training roles for corporate retail (opening new stores & training staff/management), sales training, management &/or personal development even spiritual development training/facilitator roles, just a few examples. If you have prior experience in another field, that might be an area to tap back into but from the training side of things

Related of course to work in HR in a company big enough to have specialists who focus on training new hires, developing and/or delivering HR related required trainings to staff (such as sexual harassment, any new policies/procedures, diversity/inclusion, leadership /staff development, skill specific such as management skills, sales skills, employee evaluation and other new supervisor trainings, etc.)

11. AND, a very hot option and expanding career direction, instructional design / eLearning specialists. I will be writing specific posts about this career path soon (check my blog for related posts!)



Think of any you are interested in that I didn’t include here? I’m sure there are more!

I’d love it (and my transitioning teacher / trainer clients would too!) if you’d drop me a quick note

& share your ideas on new jobs for educators! Email me, thanks!