Pick a Hiring Manager’s Brain!

Would you like access to me – or, how about a HIRING MANAGER –  
to answer your job search questions 24/7? 

Think about getting those answers without having to sort through pages of Google hits & wonder if the source is any good or not? How awesome would that be??

While having a personalized, branded resume IS a core component to a job search (and my specialty!), there are MANY other facets to the journey that many, any of you need! (nope, an awesome resume is not necessarily enough!)

This is a product I’ve endorsed for a year or more, now, but I haven’t focused on – so I’m re-recommending it, and revisiting it’s merits!

Would you like to know: “What is going ON inside a hiring manager’s head, anyway??” How can I get hired??

  • What hiring managers REALLY pay attention to
  • What REALLY impresses them and
  • How to ‘read ‘a company – including, “How to tell if your potential new manager SUCKS?”

And would you super like it if it was cost effective, and instantly available for anytime answers, without having to pay $50-75/hour for 1-1 job search coaching or waiting for an appointment when your burning questions arise?

Then take it from a real life, long time Human Resources ManagerAllison Green – Ask a Manager in her EXCELLENT e-book:

How to Get a Job – Secrets of a Hiring Manager:  Click here to view more details

I can’t recommend her e-book enough!

She’s done the full-cycle process of hiring 1000’s of people over her career!

I’ve gone through all 115 pages of it (plus 2 hours of the recorded webinar mp3s) and I feel fully comfortable putting MY name and company behind this and recommending it to my own clients!

The answers to those questions above – and a ton more – are just a few reasons why I love it and know it will be a huge benefit to any job seeker!

Within the detailed list of contents (I love that ‘quick reference’ accessibility of the document!) you’ll get the skinny from someone that actually has hired THOUSANDS of candidates about things I get asked ALL the time from job seekers, too.

It covers common, and more specific questions such as:

  • To include, or not to include short term, temporary, and/or volunteer work on your resume
  • How to handle the “WT…??, unscheduled, on the spot phone screen interview” – do you continue that call, wherever you are, or ask to (re)schedule it?
  • Common interview questions – and good example answers (and why!) ( including those sticky, tricky ones about “weaknesses”, and how to talk getting fired, and why you left when that job and/or environment and/or boss was crazy and toxic
  • Plus how to follow up with enthusiasm (not desperation),
  • References (and what to do if you suspect, or know, you aren’t getting a good one from a past employer – great stuff here!) …
  • and just a load of awesome information VITAL to regaining your confidence and know-how in your job search!

Part of why I love Allison is that she is a candidate advocate and touts how any job search is a TWO WAY street – with the goal of a mutual match (just like I do!). We all want you to get a job with a positive, respectful, fair employer that you LOVE (and for them to LOVE you!)

So this e-book is also sprinkled with smart and honest red flags and validations about potentially bad employers, and how to navigate those with professionalism and self-respect.

Her down to earth, honest, articulate, approachable style just FITS for me, and probably you, too!

I simply love this e-book as an affordable, high quality resource to support my clients & all job seekers on their job search journey!
Questions about it? Feel free to reach out!


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The 2 hours of BONUS mp3 recordings of “Ask a Manager Job Advice” and then follow up “Q & A” that you can listen to ANYWHERE (I like in the car and while cleaning, personally) are worth the cost alone!

Yes, you CAN hire me for 1-1 personal job search Q & A too – or instead! (but I must admit here, I cost more! ) 🙂