Simple (and Effective) Interview Tips – Part II

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(Remember to check out Part I of the Interview Tips, too!) Interviewing Tips – Part II of II
  1. Remember to periodically check your body language:  Smile!  Keep your hands folded loosely in your lap. Remember to have eye contact with everyone in the room periodically.  A comfortable posture with a slight lean forward shows attentive ease and interest in the speaker.
  2. Answer the question asked in about one minute.  With multiple part questions you can add time accordingly.
  3. Be sure you are answering the question that was asked.  Repeat back the parts you did hear, and then ask clarifying questions as needed before you answer, or ask to have the question repeated if necessary.
  4. Portray confidence and be positive in your responses.
  5. Always have a few questions to ask them, almost all interviews end with “Do you have any questions for us?” (never ask about salary or benefits, though) Do some research ahead of time about the company or business so you will impress with informed and thoughtful questions.
  6. Bring a typed list of your references and their contact information to offer at the end of the interview.
  7. Bring a portfolio or examples of your work if applicable.  Offer to share this during the interview if it seems appropriate.  I always bring something, but don’t always take it out.
  8. Do not discuss salary during the interview. Salary discussions should come after the job is offered.  If asked my salary requirements I usually say “If I am offered the job I’m sure we can come up with a mutually agreeable compensation and benefits package.” (or something along those lines.)  If pressed, offer a salary range you are willing to consider based upon your experience and the job title.  Usually a safe range is generally between $5-10 K/year on either side of your target salary. Add $10K for more experienced positions.
  9. Before you leave:
  • Express interest in the job
  • Thank the interviewers for their time, use their names
  • Get a business card for follow up
  • Say goodbye to the front desk staff/secretary that greeted yo
10. Did I mention?—–Smile!