VIDEO: Top 10 Tips for Interviewing

An oldie but still good advice – my first videos (produced by a local production company for (the new, at the time) eHow website) circa… hmm… 2007 I think? They wanted 1 min tips videos at the time – so have a quick watch!

Maybe it’s because of  David Letterman, but people seem to love Top 10 Lists.

Here are MY top 10 tips for interviewing:

Wanna follow that #1 Tip? (of course you do!  🙂 )  Our friends & family mean well, but it can actually be more awkward to practice with someone you know really well.

A neutral, objective, professional and experienced 3rd party (say, how about me?) can offer unbiased, multi-faceted input.

Check out the “Work with Me, Here” page for more information on how we can work through some example questions together.

My clients tell me that practice and feedback make SUCH a difference in their confidence (higher), and anxiety (much lower) levels (which will help minimize the fidgety, ring flinging risk factor, too!)