Career Changers: What’s Your “Spin-Off” Story?



Nanu-Nanu, job seekers!

How many of you have watched TV shows, or movies, or even read books that were spin offs of other storylines?

Think Cheers & Fraser. Breaking Bad to Better Call Saul.

A more modern example is of course Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

Who was around in, or knows about, TV in the 70’s? Laverne & Shirley of that era was a spin-off from characters on the hit show Happy Days.

Remember Mork, the alien from Planet Ork on Happy Days also got his own show, with Mindy? The role of Mork, I found in an online article, was “in an homage to the ‘60s comedy My Favorite Martian, with the beloved sitcom wanting to capitalize on the success of the recently released Star Wars picture.”

And speaking of Star Wars, we all know I assume about all the prequels and spin offs of that galactic sized enterprise!

A similar idea happens when Company A buys out Company B – often times the “redundant” / overlapping business lines can be ‘spun off’ into separate, new businesses.

What about you, career changers & job seekers?

What’s YOUR “spin off” opportunity?

  • Which current skill could you pivot your focus to, in order to capitalize on it & turn into a new career path?
  • Or perhaps you can revive an older line of work or job title, support it with transferable skills from more recent work, and/or by updating the old ones with a couple online refresher courses, and return to it with a fresh perspective and complementary experiences since you left?

This is what my multiple repeat client Meg did. I’ve helped Meg pivot her career several times over the last 10 years as she pursued HER “spin off stories”:  f

  1. From Business Analyst /Financial Analyst to
  2. School Media Specialist to
  3. now Senior Public Librarian (she had librarian experience from more than a decade ago that we were able to pull back in and showcase from these last 2 pivots)

I have been meaning to write a “Real Job Seeker” story about Meg. I’ll have to tell her story (I’ve already asked permission) soon for you! It’s INSPIRING!  You can do this too!

If the possibilities are head spinning for you, as you think about your own skills, backgrounds, and favorite “story lines” in your career that you may want to rework into a whole new “show”, I have something to help!

  • Check out my Career Clarity Guide includes more than a few examples of how career changing job seekers, just like you, reinventing themselves.
  • It also has many worksheets and activities to help guide your own exploration and brainstorming of possibilities. I tell a bit about my own career story, too – “way leads onto way” and past skills form the foundations of spin off opportunities for many of us, me included!

Also note: stand alone purchases the 70 page pdf workbook & guide are credited to the prices of any of my services that include the Branded Resume Rewrite service (hint: all resume related packages include the BRR, too).

Wishing you “happy days” of job searching and may the force be with you, career changers, to inspire you to reclaim YOUR job search mojo!