Dedicated During the Holidays

Here at Resume Confidence, I am dedicated to honoring all of the cherished traditions of the holiday season.   So much love, generosity, rich symbolism and ritual to enjoy all around, I love that!  Here are a few examples, and, I found this list of winter festivals of world traditions on Wikipedia really fascinating, too!

In Hebrew, the word “Hanukkah” means “dedication.”

How can you stay dedicated to staying on top of your career development even during the hectic holidays?  Network at your parties while sharing in the holiday cheer!

See ideas in the articles “Holly Jolly Holiday Networking”  through the rest of this year, and into the New Year, too.

Many think there’s no point to job searching during the holidays – and they’d be wrong. Check out the post Santa’s List of GOOD Reasons ‘Tis Still the Job Search Season here.

Stay dedicated to your job search

Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year, and I’ve read it also marks the time of the revelation of the timeless nature of the cycles of life, and the story of rebirth of the human spirit. . .

If you’ve been feeling dark and heavy in your job search, remember that, just as nature cycles, so do trying times, “this too, shall pass” . . . You can also read some (or all!) of the posts in the category “Encouragement” on my blog, too – because let’s face it, job searching ain’t easy, any time of year!

May the twinkling holiday lights & candles be a symbol of hope and peace & in time light your way to the perfect job!

And then of course, it’s Christmas. Reflecting on all the good in our lives and sharing it; taking a moment in the silent night to reflect on the gifts of the last year, and to send wishes of peace on earth, goodwill to all  . . . and . . .  lots & lots of cookies & sweetness & perhaps even a present or two . . .

Asking Santa & all the gods of all the festivities to send you the gift of gainful, enriching employment, supportive co-workers, and the like. . .

Happiest of Holidays, however you celebrate, everyone!