Fellow Job Seekers Speak: What Helps YOU in Your Job Search?


Thank you to all of you, clients and friends, who gave the following ideas, either in writing or verbally when requested. Many are quoted here:

When the job searching is really tough, I promise myself 15 minutes off for every hour behind the computer – like yoga or working in the garden or a quick walk to the corner store for Perrier.”

“I schedule myself a reward for every day of job searching. It can be a mid day break for lunch with a friend or visiting a friend for a hour or gardening (because I love my garden).”

“One new thing I’m trying is reading inspirational job search writings every morning before starting my work to get me in the right frame of mind.” (NOTE: I do weekly posts like “Friday Funnies” and many inspirational story sharing on my Facebook page & LinkedIn profile if you need a source of inspirational reading!)

“Make sure you take 2 days off from this job search work – 2 CONSECUTIVE days – every week. This work is harder than any job I’ve EVER held, so we all deserve the down time!” (NOTE: Hear hear! Couldn’t agree more!)

“I have had two “pre-interview interviews” as I like to call them. In both cases, it ended up with the “your background is really interesting but is not suited for the job I have right now. However, I will pass it along to this person or that person”. So, hopefully something good will come from that.” (NOTE: Yes! Always stay positive & keep options open.)

“Some of my questions in the pre-interview interviews dealt specifically with my thesis project, and its been so long I don’t remember some of the specifics, so I’m going to have to reread it to refresh my memory.” (NOTE: Good idea to review past projects or anything on your resume you mention but aren’t as familiar with anymore in case you get asked about it)


Another client mentioned that because she knows she is getting laid off in August, she’s using this time to prepare herself ahead of time by getting a great resume & otherwise getting her ducks in a row, so to speak—smart thinking, using your time wisely.

Several people have encountered interviews where they are asked “brain teaser” questions like “how many bowling balls will fit in a 747 airplane” & seemingly ridiculous stuff like that. The key is not if you answer even close to ‘correctly”, it’s simply to observe your thinking skills and perhaps how you react when thrown a curve ball.

On a similar note, several of you have mentioned having to take skills tests of various kinds during interviews, some including math you haven’t used since high school! Don’t be intimidated, just do your best and forget about it (at least we warned you so you won’t be shocked if this happens to you!) That’s why you do interview skills coaching practice with me, so that you are 90+% ready for what you can anticipate, and the 5-10% that is a surprise won’t throw your whole game!

I also encourage you all to reach out and find a job search buddy, in addition to your support network and working with me, find someone you know that is also looking for a job. Trading notes, ideas, and stories together will REALLY help keep perspective on this process.

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