How To Write a Resume When Your Education is Your Experience

We ought to be able to learn some thing second hand. 

There is not enough time for us to make all of the mistakes ourselves.”  – Harriet Hall

Okay, class!  Let’s take a few notes about how to highlight the skills and experience from school if you haven’t had any work experience, or related work experience yet.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking it doesn’t matter – it does!


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Job Search with Education, but No Experience & Behavioral Interviews

Some of you know that I’ve worked in a couple of college career centers. For almost every student, their education is where they gained most of their skills and experience.

For mid-career job changers that have gone back to school for a new field, or to qualify for an advanced job in your current profession, your education may be a key factor in your qualifications for the new work you seek beyond your previous positions, too.

Here’s how to get an A+ on how to write a resume when your education is your experience:

  • List it at the top of your resume.  Generally, once you have at least a year of experience in your field, your education goes to the bottom of the resume.  If your training/degree is MOST of the experience you have, though, then it goes up top.
  • Internships & even in depth class projects DO count!  “Experience is experience whether it’s paid or unpaid.”  Read more on this in this post, Unpaid Does NOT Mean Unimportant! for more input on this, as well as including volunteer work and even work for friends that was applicable to the job you seek, too.
  • For any work history you do have in areas unrelated to the job you seek (and thus unrelated to your education, too), focus on transferable skills.  Your last assignment is to go read one of my most popular posts, 7 Transferable Skills and How to Talk About Them to see what *I’m* talking about here!

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Job Search with Education, but No Experience & Behavioral Interviews