Real Job Seeker Success Stories:


Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.”― Gina Greenlee

Story #1:  Social Media Manager … and… Candle Maker?

I shared this inspiring post on LinkedIn recently, and just had to share this with you, too.  I not only adore this sort of synchronicity in general, but over the 15+ years I’ve been working with job seekers, I have observed time and again that this sort of kismet happens much more often than many think, especially if you are open to follow those hunches, hints, and urges when it seems perhaps a bit crazy to do so.



Before COVID, I was an Event Coordinator. After being furloughed & eventually let go due to a lack of events, I searched for months to find a job that aligned with my Social Media/Marketing experience & skill set with no success.

One day, I came across a job posting to be a “Candle Maker” at a local beeswax candle company.

My first thought was “I think I would really enjoy doing this, it sounds like a really cool job.”

My second thought was “Would this veer me away from my career goals?” and “Would I be able to afford rent?”

After doing research, I found that I really aligned with the company’s goals and mindset. I decided to apply for the job.

I received an interview the next day.

During the interview process, they saw on my resume that I have a background in Social Media, & they were needing someone to run their accounts. By the Zoom interview, I was also interviewing to be their Social Media Manager.

I got the job.

After just one month of working for this company, I’m now officially their Social Media Manager, Lead Admin, & helping out with candle production too.

I applied to be a “Candle Maker”.

You NEVER know where opportunities will take you. Go with your gut, and apply for that job.”


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Story #2:  Another “One Thing Leads to Another” Job Search Success:

One Saturday this summer I was talking to my new neighbor over the fence, & she told me a story about how her current job – and likely, future opportunities that are again, even more likely to be suited to her skills and interests, “fell into her lap” and I knew I had to share this one, too!

Andrea has been working from home as an Account Manager, a position she enjoys, and “just showed up out of nowhere, a lead from a friend who knew they needed help“, and I was happy to hear that.

HOWEVER – it gets even more interesting:  she then shared she is working on her Master’s in Psychology right now – and – this job is for a mental health services company.

Andrea said casually, “Ya, I was already interested in the job because it was a remote position, and I was fine doing most any kind of work from home.  But when I THEN found out what kind of company it was, I was REALLY excited!”

As I said to her over the fence that day, “CHILLS! I feel like this is one of those times when the FIRST position working on the insurance and other account management tasks is just the way IN, and a BETTER opportunity fitting your new skills and interests using your degree will be coming sooner than later…. “

Andrea hopes so, too, of course, and has the support of her current manager to grow within the company when she completes her degree this Spring!

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Moral of these stories:  1) Be open, 2) Follow whatever pulls you in, 3) It can happen to YOU, too!

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