Resolution: to Keep Up the Good Work!

Let me state the obvious:  2020 was ROUGH, and I’m betting, many of us had goals, traditional “New Year’s Resolutions” going into 2020 that just did not, could not, materialize.

I for one, feel much like 2021 could be similar, at least the first few months, possibly longer. The idea of putting together another list of goals that I may or may not have much control over achieving, for me, felt very heavy and uninspiring this New Year.

SO….. how about THIS:

Instead of (or at least in addition to) making New Year’s resolutions to do something different in your life, as well as your career or job search in 2021, why not spend time evaluating what you’ve done *right* so far, and resolve to continue these positive and successful strategies and habits?

** Are you proud of the amount of time you devote each week to your job search?

** Did your boss compliment you for your project management skills?

** Do you have a great outline for a cover letter that you can easily adapt to new job opportunities?

** Do your customers continually thank you for your excellent service and attention to detail?

** Have you found success using your support network for job leads?

GREAT! Make your 2021 “Resolution” to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! 

I think in general, we all spend too much time trying to change and improve ourselves, and too easily and quickly skip over acknowledging and giving ourselves credit for what we’ve done WELL, what feels GOOD, what we’ve ACHIEVED, and what is WORKING ALREADY.

Remembering to recognize what we’re doing well, and continuing to focus on our energy on successful strategies helps us keep up our confidence, drive, and trust during our job search, as we build our careers, and in life in general.

So keep up the good work!

“There are two rules on the spiritual path: Begin and Continue.”

– Sufi expression