Real Client Stories: Networking Well

Most people know that networking is THE best way to get considered for a job – an advertised one, or more importantly, the “hidden job market” – those job openings that aren’t posted anywhere.

There are many people, though, maybe even most (?), that are not sure HOW to reach out to their networks (personal or professional), when they are job searching.


Here are two creative, inspiring examples from REAL job seekers:

Use Social Media Well:

I stumbled on what I thought was a great example of one way to communicate your job search & needs to your network.  This is not my client, just a post I saw on a friend’s Facebook page.  Done well, a post like this is a positive, clear way to connect with your network (and maybe their networks, too!)

This job seeker wrote:

“Do you know a front desk that needs a friendly face? Or an office in need of some office manager-type lovin’? My office just streamlined its staff and my Executive Assistant job was eliminated. I loved that job and loved those people, but now I need a new office to embrace (and organize and bring some professional sunshine to). Excellent phone skills, proficiency at Word/Excel, 10+ years of experience. Looking for a M-F, f/t position with benefits that I can drive to from (her town). Hold off on the sympathy, but bring on the job opportunities! And I will be putting up a LinkedIn post; message me if we can connect there. First person who gets me a job gets a basketful of Toni’s homemade cookies! ( Woot!!)”

Don’t you just LOVE this??  Don’t you want to hire her??

Share what you like, what you think ‘sells’ her in the comments below!  (also ask questions, too!)

Think Creative:

Here’s how one client is using her unemployed time to *strategically* network with the transferable skills she has, and wants to promote/strengthen, but weren’t job titles in the past.  Job changers, mid-career transition folks, this one is for you!

She used to be a talent agent and now wants make a career change, and use her related event planning/management skills to get into that field.

Her email said,

“I’m going before the Board of the (local non-profit) and offering my services as the event organizer for a 5k they do each summer.”

She is a runner. She’s been involved in MANY events for her former talent/clients. She’s volunteering her expertise – which then becomes a great addition to her resume, and, direct event planning experience to boot!  (Remember, experience is experience whether it’s paid or unpaid!)

THAT’S how to do it! Brava to this client!

And It CAN Be as Simple as ….

Another current client (in an email telling me about her “homework” to research jobs she is interested in so we can target her resume to them):

“So, in the absence of finding that dream job, I have begun to start letting my friends network know that I am on the search and one opportunity did just pop up.”

Yep! Even just a casual mention to our personal and professional network can bring you strong job leads!

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