Signs It’s Time


Real inquiry/now client email:

I stumbled across your website searching for info on getting some resume help, which then led me to read your bio and facebook page. I caught my breath when I read your quote “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from”.

Ouch…it hurts because it’s my current scenario.”


IF this is you, do what she did – reach out, let me help!

Let’s plan and prepare for your exit strategy – like, yesterday.


Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job


1) You DREAD Mondays, uuugghhhh!  I used to have this one, big time, years ago & it really shortened my much needed weekend when the anxiety started around 4pm every Sunday. My stomach would churn, I’d be “antsy”, grumpy & just generally unhappy, anticipating having to face getting up in the morning to face ANOTHER day, week, at that job … was awful.

—->> Ask yourself – what would be different in my job if I didn’t have this dread at least, or maybe even looked forward to my work week?


2) You regularly have to cancel social and/or family time/plans with little or no notice (and this is harming your personal relationships).  This shows lack of respect for employees and work/life needs and balance.  It’s unlikely to change if it’s been commonplace for awhile.

—->> Ask yourself – is this the kind of life and schedule I really want to have indefinitely?


3) Your workplace is a hostile environment (yelling, abusive communication such as belittling, harsh criticism, etc. – you know, stuff no one would tolerate from a 12 year old – if your boss or co-worker behaves this why, why would you stay?)  No more explanation needed here – this sort of behavior is not only extremely unprofessional – it’s completely un acceptable.  PERIOD.

—->>  Ask yourself – would you treat anyone like this? Do you, or anyone, really deserve this treatment?


4) You have regular headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, or other unpleasant physical symptoms not explained by some other physical or other cause.  Often stress causes physical ailments as a warning sign/hint to change – and bad job situations are a top source of stress.

—->>  Ask yourself – do I have these symptoms on weekends or vacations?  Or just during work weeks?


5) You work is “dead end” (and you don’t like that) – there’s no opportunity for advancement, skills development, raises, or other ways to continue to learn and grow personally and professionally in your position.  Most of us want the chance to develop our skills and move forward in our careers, though sometimes we get comfy somewhere & if we’re happy, there’s nothing wrong with that at all!


—->>  Ask yourself – what ARE my career goals & dreams?  Are they being met here, or can I see the potential for that to happen in this company/department?  Or not?