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Real Job Seeker: Ordinary to Extraordinary!

  I had a very illustrative series of communications with a client recently that when it happened, I just KNEW I had to share with other job seekers, because these “real examples” can really help – and inspire- others, just like YOU. (shared with client permission and made anonymous) I’m going to call this client […]

VIDEO: How Do I Not Sound Like I’m Bragging in an Interview?

Employers WANT to know why you’re best for the job, about your accomplishments! So many job seekers worry they will sound arrogant to an employer if they talk about their contributions on the job, though. There IS a way to talk about your achievements without bragging. More helpful interview tips and strategy shared in my […]

REVIEW: Shannon Came Recommended, Then I Recommended Her

“Being someone who had never had a resume I was afraid to start, let alone know where to start. Shannon was recommended to me by a dear friend, I contacted her… She knew what questions to ask to highlight my accomplishments, put them on paper and present me in a corporate manner.    I was […]