VIDEO: The Difference Between Your Job and Your Work

I am a HUGE fan of Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays, Sessions, Master Class, etc, et al, just ALL of what she does. Sometimes she has a gem that is so perfect to share with you, my fans, supporters and clients, that I have to include it in the blog  (with all credit and attribution to Oprah and Harpo Studios)  (Though often I post videos I find on my Resume Confidence Facebook page – join there if you haven’t already, it’s usually different content from the blog or newsletter entirely) The title clearly lays out an issue many wonder about – Read More

Sing, sing a heartsong . . .

  A lot of clients talk to me about figuring out their “passion” or “life purpose” when we talk about their work & career lives, and the assumption I think is that those things are synonymous – purpose & our job.  Yes, sometimes.  But no, not always. Since there are many inspirational posts and quotes done with pretty graphics floating around the web, this conversation happens a lot on the Resume Confidence Facebook page.  And it’s an intriguing, sometimes befuddling, and sometimes inspiring topic, no doubt.  And I definitely believe in finding (or I tend to think it’s a remembering) Read More