VIDEO: The Difference Between Your Job and Your Work

I am a HUGE fan of Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays, Sessions, Master Class, etc, et al, just ALL of what she does.

Sometimes she has a gem that is so perfect to share with you, my fans, supporters and clients, that I have to include it in the blog  (with all credit and attribution to Oprah and Harpo Studios)  (Though often I post videos I find on my Resume Confidence Facebook page – join there if you haven’t already, it’s usually different content from the blog or newsletter entirely)

The title clearly lays out an issue many wonder about – IS our job our “purpose”, our “true work” in life? Or, as Wes Moore suggests, are they different things entirely?

I talk about this in depth in my pdf Career Clarity Guide – in brief, I would say, “yes, sometimes, not always, though”

This is worth the 20 minute watch, and, yes, I’d make some popcorn!

Part of the presentation I wanted to quote from Wes:

“I felt like so often I found myself trying to find my peace in my business card, and when they asked me what I did, that my answer was interesting enough to continue the conversation…

I was actually valuing my worth by my employer… (side note: I talk a lot about that in my previous blog post, “You are Not Your Job: Spiritual and Practical Steps to Working with Self Esteem“)

He quotes the singer Lauryn Hill, “and every time I try to be, what someone else thought of me… so caught up I couldn’t achieve….But deep in my heart the answer – it was in me… So I made up my mind to define my own destiny

YES! Say and sing out loud and proud, Wes & Lauryn!

—->> What are YOUR take aways from the video?  Do you agree or disagree with Wes’ premise?

—->> What is YOUR ‘work’/’purpose’ in the world? Is it the same, or different than your j.o.b.?

Share your insights in the comments below!