What Are You Grateful for About Your Work?

The best kind of attitude is gratitude, right?

What about your job, or job search, do you feel grateful for? What are you learning, what’s been valuable for your professionally/personally through the experience?  Where have you experienced kindness, support, recognition?

For me, I’ll give a big shout out to supervisors I’ve had, like Darrell & Sondi at the runaway shelter, an early job out of college for me.  They were the first to actively see and develop my potential as a mentor and facilitator, skills I skill use today.

I also will also always be grateful for Donna, a more recent boss, who is a super positive, can-do woman who was always, always appreciating her staff and pitching in and served as a shining example of service and gratitude for us all.

If you are job searching right now, what do you appreciate about past bosses (and co-workers) of yours that you are looking for again in your next position?  

In any work you have now, what about your boss (and co-workers) makes you glad to work with them?  When have you last mentioned those things to that person?

Remember these things regularly and watch your attitude steadily, consistently stay positive.  And when we feel good, good things happen more easily for us, have you ever noticed that?

I am grateful for each and every one of my clients through the last, wow,  more than a decade now that I’ve been doing this work.

One in particular I will always remember was one of my 60 or so job seekers I ‘case managed’ at a federally funded job coaching program for adults at a community college in Portland.

He was recently laid off from a blue-collar job, and clearly still very bitter about it all.

It was palpable, the feelings of anger & betrayal he felt when we talked.

Working with him showed me just how important it is in a job search to work through these very legitimate but also very limiting personal issues and feelings before you go out and try to show a new employer you are the one for a new job.

Hiring managers can smell fear, anger, desperation like bloodhounds, and they turn on their heels and run.

Work through any personal issues.  I don’t mean this is a parental way, but adjust your attitude – to best serve you.  It’s natural, it’s okay to have these types of feelings during a job search.  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t at times.  But you simply must find a way to let them go.

In time, you may even become grateful for that lay-off, and the new opportunities it lead to eventually.

I also owe the name of my business to my clients.

When brainstorming about what to call myself as a resume writer & interview coach, a friend asked me, “Well, what do your clients say to you about working with you?”

The overwhelming theme of all the answers was that they felt more confident, or confident again, much more so than previously.  They helped me see that so much of the value I offer is in helping people reclaim, or ‘resume’ their confidence – and I love that feeling knowing I’m supporting and encouraging people to rediscover their gifts, talents, and self assurance – too much fun!

I really appreciate this very helpful feedback from those early clients that helped shape my brand, message, and hone in on a unique value I offer as a resume writer/coach!

What do the people you work with, the people you serve, past or present give you to be grateful for?  Focus on that to enrich your work life, or your job search.

And of course, I am grateful to each of you for staying in touch, updating me on your job searches and career progress, sharing me with your friends and co-workers, and just supporting me with your encouragement and friendship on an ongoing basis.

Thank you.  You are the best kinds of clients a girl could ask for!