VIDEO: Q & A Karma Cafe – Your Job Search Questions Answered

Job Gaps, Transferable Skills, Education but No Experience + Behavioral Interviewing



— What is the Q & A Karma Cafe?

— How to address a JOB GAP on your resume

— Should what you did during the time you were unemployed (like a side business / contract work, etc.) be included on your resume?

— How to talk about TRANSFERABLE SKILLS during a CAREER CHANGE

— What if you only have EDUCATION / TRAINING, but not JOB EXPERIENCE in the type of work you want? (what if your education IS your only related experience?)

— How to Answer BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEW Questions (also called Structural interview questions), aka, how to “show what you know”




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Q & A CAFÉ answers job seeker questions submitted to me on YouTube, on my Facebook page, or emailed to me. Questions that are generally relevant to many job hunters are best.