Where Will All the Jobs Be?

And how MANY will there be in the possibly near future?

Automation and technology have already, and continue to impact how we do business, and what types of jobs are being cut and created. Needed skill sets are changing.

As someone who works with job seekers, I feel a responsibility to share information about potential upcoming changes (or inevitable and existing impacts and changes, depending on one’s point of view)….

NO fear mongering here – just sharing information to ponder and ideas to consider.

Recently on my Resume Confidence Facebook page, I shared a video about having a “basic universal income” as more jobs for we humans are lost due to automation and other technology.

This article goes further into this topic I believe we all should have on our radar, as the potential to impact not just manufacturing and customer service jobs but real estate, banking, legal, driving and other professions could be felt than we might think (assuming  things are changing in serious ways at all)

From the article, “Instead of asking if robots are coming for the jobs, it is better to focus upon software. This is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. It is also the reason why tens of millions of high paying jobs are going to go away.”¬† (read more here) (note: I do not know this author; just consider it one opinion among many; I personally found the latter 1/2 of the article most useful to me)

Again, I feel like, as someone that works with job seekers, it is my responsibility to share the possibilities coming in the (near?) future with my audience.

I want you to decide what you think about all this for yourselves, though. I am not advocating any point of view or particular actions, just sharing information, for your consideration….