6 Ideas to Bring Fresh Energy to Your Job Search

Finding a job can really weigh heavy on our minds, emotions and energy levels, especially if it’s been awhile and there haven’t been any good leads or bites. I get it!

Try these ideas to put some fresh new energy into your job search!

1) Send a Networking Letter to friends & trusted colleagues.  They’re the ones that want to help us the most after all! But often really don’t quite know what exactly it is that we do, or want to do next. Help them out by spelling it out!  Click the link to get a sample letter with comments about it.

2) Brush up on your Interview Skills & practice those tough questions. Technically, this is not a “new” suggestion, but if you haven’t done it yet, it’s a vital new step to reaping a job offer. Listen to my Interview Insights e-class (for free!) to get started & sow some seeds of interview success! Feeling prepared boosts confidence, which brings renewed energy – as does just doing SOMETHING pro-active in your job search

3) Search a job board that is specific to YOUR industry/line of work (try professional organizations/association websites).  Don’t get stuck just using the big aggregator sites like Career Builder, HotJobs or Indeed.  It’s often more effective to focus on specialty or niche boards.

But searching online job boards all the time can be part of why job searching becomes an energy sucking drag! SO….

4) Go to a local meetup.com get together! Meetups are organized by local people that want to meet others that like the stuff they like. There are groups for every interest and activity under the sun, from professional networking and technology users to knitting, kayaking, running, board games, vegan eating, you name it! So get out there with like minded new people with interests you also have – make new connections (have that casual but clear 30 second commercial” (aka “The Elevator Speech” )ready to talk about what you do and the type of job you seek)

A non-professional meet up group might be as or sometimes more helpful than another work related activity. Sometimes getting AWAY from focusing solely on finding employment is JUST the needed remedy to boost and refresh your energy!

5) So do something fun and/or relaxing that ISN’T work/job search related!

And Idea #6….
work with a professional to “help you reclaim your job search mojo” !
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