Getting Your Resume to the Top of the “Yes” Pile


When I was on hiring teams sorting resumes, I had 3 piles – immediate no’s (aka recycling bin), maybes (which hardly ever get tapped) and the YES’s – the smallest pile.

When I do workshops and classes on resume writing, this is what I tell people they need to do with their resume – get sorted into the short stack of “to call for an interview” – the “yes pile” out of the hundreds of resumes each hiring manager receives.  Yes.  HUNDREDS.

Awhile back I was asked to write a guest post called “Getting Your Resume to the Top of the “Yes” Pile by Glad Doggett, a writer for The Army Wife Network and coach at Best Laid Scheme and Grammar Junkie.

Busy week, so just sharing this article here this week – check out the link, & you’ll see my answers to questions Glad asked me such as:


Q: What are some of the biggest mistakes you see in resumes

Q: Is there a format or layout that works best?  

Q: The workplace is changing. E-mailed or online resumes might be requested in lieu of snail mailed resumes. What should applicants know and do to ensure they get noticed. 

Q: Should volunteer work be included? What other types of unconventional “work” experience can be used?



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