Getting Your Resume to the Top of the “Yes” Pile

When I was on hiring teams sorting resumes, I had 3 piles – immediate no’s (aka recycling bin), maybes (which hardly ever get tapped) and the YES’s – the smallest pile.

When I do workshops and classes on resume writing, this is what I tell people they need to do with their resume – get sorted into the short stack of “to call for an interview” – the “yes pile” out of the hundreds of resumes each hiring manager receives.  


Here are some commonly asked questions (and links to the answers) about how to get your resume noticed by hiring managers:

Q: What are some of the biggest mistakes you see in resumes

Q: Is there a format or layout that works best?  

Q: I really want to work for XYZ company, so I applied for EVERY job available in that company – what do you think, good strategy?  (read more bout this from a recruiter here)

Q: Do I need an Objective? Or a Summary?

Q: What other tips do you have about writing a good resume, maybe some smaller details about a resume that can make a big difference?

Can you “DIY” your resume writing/editing, or do you need the help of a pro?

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