The Luck o’ the Irish in Your Job Search

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue . . . And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” – The Wizard of Oz

I got my Blarney Stone kissin’ gift of the gab on and came up with these!

I hope these Job Search Limericks kick off St. Patty’s Day month with technicolor dreams of your ideal work and the click your heels ability to materialize it to motivate you!

I once knew a lad from Belfast

Whose qualifications could not be passed

He was skilled and sincere

And my advice he did hear

He prepared, and his job search went fast

There once was a resume complete

With i’s dotted and t’s crossed so neat

It caught all the eyes

And pending no lies

Won a job no offer could beat

Luck 'o the Irish to You in Your Job Search!

There once was a job seeker from Dublin

Who hated the search and was grumblin’

That she wouldn’t compete

For she couldn’t be beat

Couldn’t see she needed some humblin’

This lass who once interviewed with me

Was as sharp and convincing could be

Then she bad mouthed her boss

A new offer did cost

Lesson learned? Use some dip-lo-macy!

May their be a pot of gold complete with

the job of your dreams at the end of your rainbow!