Cultivate Quality Connections – aka “Networking Naturally”

Cultivate Quality Connections – aka “Networking Naturally”

Before I picked this month’s theme, I actually wrote a bit about this already in a blog post of similar name, which gives what I think are both great examples of connecting, one online, one in person.

Of course today isn’t the first time I’ve written about this important job search strategy (and skill), nor is that other post.

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I’ll confess, I used to dread & avoid most networking events, but when you find the right groups, they really are a wonderful way to meet fascinating, talented, like-minded people, make connections, and share resources – do it! Get out there online and IRL (safely, given covid precautions still being needed for in-person groups, of course!)

Make SURE you have business cards to share, too.

Yes, some might say an actual physical card is out dated, so I googled this topic for this newsletter & I found just as many posts from good sources that say yes, cards still matter and are helpful as I did the ‘no, it’s antiquated, it’s all digital now’.  It seems BOTH are alive & well.

I recommend having cards *separate from* your current job’s business cards. Vistaprint is quick & easy for templates to design & order/pricing your networking cards – affordable & professional.

Quick Tip:  “Brand” yourself on your cards with 1-2 job titles you are targeting, and/or 2-3 top “super powers”/key words & skills (it may be useful to have 2 sided cards so they don’t feel crowded with text.

Order them soon, so they’ll arrive before the holiday parties start up in earnest over Thanksgiving, you’ll thank yourself!

How to Put Yourself Out There (without seeming, or feeling, pushy or fake!)

Be curious, open, friendly. Talk to people (yes, even strangers! – it’s okay, you’re an adult now, it’s safe!) This blog post has some ideas for easy conversation starters as well.

Ask around in your network (and outside of it!) to see who might be able to help or refer you in your job search, even if you think it could be quite silly or unlikely to be fruitful.

One suggestion if this all feels awkward to you (you’re not alone, btw!)  Try something like:
I know it may seem (or be) unlikely, but I’m really talking to everyone I know about my job search, just in case someone unexpected has a lead or new idea for me to try.”