Has This Happened to You in an Interview?

A wonderful client (okay, 99.9% of my clients are wonderful! I set it up that way!)  had an interview yesterday & sent me a note about it.

She said, “..not a lot of interviewing happened, the interviewer talked a lot…” Has this ever happened to you?


It did to me once, and what it told me, in that case, anyway, was that this probably indicated a few characteristics of at least that manager (who would be my manager), and probably, then, the organization under her management style.  To me, it signaled a lack focus on details/due diligence with much of anything, which just seemed to me like it would cause problems with customers, for one.

Sure, my resume was good , but it was just my word, they didn’t ask me to ILLUSTRATE with examples that I actually KNEW what could have been pure fiction on my resume.

It also gave me the impression that the interviewer was full of herself  for doing all the talking and thus would likely not be much of a listener (to questions of mine, to ideas of her team, etc.) – not someone I wanted to work with – or especially to be her subordinate.

I didn’t take the job I was offered then & there, in part because their nonchalance, lack of two-way conversation, & the impressions this gave me.

Remember, you’re interviewing THEM, too – pay attention to what you notice and experience during the interview – and ask questions.  This blog post, Who’s Interviewing Who?, gets into more detail about this aspect.

Interviewers learn things about YOU, too, (or rather, get an impression/presume things) that you aren’t saying in an interview.

This is one of the most fun bits of the interview coaching I do…. pointing out what I learned from the client’s practice answers that wasn’t a part of their direct answer.

Wanna see what I mean?   Interview coaching & practice sessions come as a 1 hour service, and, a discounted package of 3 hours!  

Come ask me all these crazy questions you’ve always really wanted someone to give you insight about!