Who’s Interviewing Who?

“Luck, to me (means) hard work – and realizing what is opportunity and what isn’t.” -Lucille Ball

I encourage you to remember that you are interviewing THEM, too.  Do your homework.  Find out as much as you can about a company before interviewing with them. Do internet research, talk to your network and see if anyone knows anyone who works for that company, then see if you can talk to that person. Get copies of their annual reports and get a feel for the tone of the organization and their priorities.  Only interview with companies you think you would like to be a part of.  Not work FOR, but be a MEMBER OF their organization.

Remembering that you are an asset to any organization and remembering that each company is on try-out status with you, too, puts you in the empowering position of a decision maker and job-shopper.

It’s too easy to feel desperate and not confident enough to be choosy.  Job searching can be emotionally (and financially) draining, and these stressors begin to take their toll and make us feel like we ‘have to get something”, and we may be tempted to “settle” for something we are not sure about. Our floundering trust that ‘the right opportunity is out there for me” may cause us to make a bad decision.

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Taking the stance of interviewing them, too, levels out the playing fields.  They’d be lucky to have you, if you feel it’s a good match, and you choose to accept their offer.

This is not arrogant (not with the right balance of modesty and self assurance), it is simply knowing very clearly what you want and valuing yourself enough to believe that you can and will have it.

Ultimately, waiting for a job that you are excited about will make you happier for the longer term, and, you will feel proud for having the faith in yourself and ‘the powers that be’ that it was possible to achieve your desires.

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