Sustainable Businesses; “Real Value” Documentary: Economics & Social Entrepreneurship

As you may have read (or if you haven’t, start with this post) I’m interested in “CSR” (corporate social responsibility), “B-corps” (businesses incorporated legally to have the “3 P’s” as their bottom line: people, planet AND profit) both professionally, in working with HR and other professionals leading their companies to embrace these values & business practices.


Recently, I came upon this documentary that delves into these topics, and examples of real companies that embrace them – and how. 


 “Real Value” – Economics, Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship

Real Value is an award-winning economics documentary that delivers a refreshing meditation on how business can be used to create value beyond profit; connecting motivational stories from social entrepreneurs working in: agriculture, apparel, insurance, and biofuel, with the captivating science behind our perception of value from world-renowned professor of psychology and behavioral economics, Dan Ariely.

The film serves as inspiration for any business owner, entrepreneur, or customer who is looking to better understand what happens when a business puts people, planet, and profit on equal footing.