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Corporations: Do they Care?

Which way/s will most US companies go in this emerging covid-influenced economy? B-Corps, “C” Corps:  Beneficial & Balanced? or Cruel & Controlling Corporations? While some companies are becoming more and more punitive, demanding and restrictive: Expecting employees to work 70+ hours/week to be considered “successful” The reportedly terrible working conditions in at least some warehouses and […]

Sustainable Businesses; “Real Value” Documentary: Economics & Social Entrepreneurship

As you may have read (or if you haven’t, start with this post) I’m interested in “CSR” (corporate social responsibility), “B-corps” (businesses incorporated legally to have the “3 P’s” as their bottom line: people, planet AND profit) both professionally, in working with HR and other professionals leading their companies to embrace these values & business […]

Bcorps & CSR: Business is a Powerful Force for Positive Social Change

  “Business is a powerful force for positive social change. One of the ways to think about that is that we’ve seen business be a force for negative social change many times, and we’ve gotten to the place where we’re not surprised by that anymore. A Bangladeshi factory collapses and 1000 people die, and it’s […]

Love Your Work, Love Your Company, Love Your Life!

  So I’m home on Friday night, finally getting this blog post written, a week later than I like to.  Some might say “Ugh, you’re working at 8:15pm on a Friday night?? What kind of life is THAT??” To which I would say – “A life I love! A life I chose! A life that […]